Music Audition

Interested in attending the Applied Music program at Mohawk College?

Step 1) Apply to the program on the Ontario Colleges website or through the International Department website.

Step 2) Review the audition requirements by instrument major and prepare your performance video audition

Step 3) Submit your performance video link 

Step 4) Write the online ear-training and theory tests

Step 5) Virtually meet with one of our faculty to discuss your audition, career goals and potential pathways. 

Performance video submission instructions

  • Review the audition requirements by instrument major found on the program webpage under the admissions tab on the left-hand navigation pane.

  • Consider the following while preparing your audition video 
    • What we want to see is you sharing your music, your talent, your passion!
    • Make sure we can clearly see your technique on your instrument, place yourself in the video so we can see your technique e.g. pianist we want to see your fingers.
    • Introduce the pieces that you will play.
    • If you can, mount or steady the camera rather than having someone hold it.
    • Record in a quiet setting, choose a room that will aid with the acoustics of your instrument.
    • We recommend one continuous take, no need to edit or make your video fancy, we want to hear your natural sound.
    • Approx. length 10-15 minutes.
    • Please prepare a dedicated audition performance video rather than submitting videos of a public performance.
  • Once you’ve finished recording, upload your file to a streaming site such as YouTube. (If using YouTube, be sure to create an unlisted video, if your link is set to private we will be unable to access.)
  • Submit your video link using the form below
What program stream are you auditioning for?
If you are auditioning for two different program streams, please complete this form separately for each audition submission. 
A copy of this submission will be sent to this email address.
A copy of this submission will be sent to this email address.
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