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Technology has become the newest member of the healthcare team. The Medical Technologies Innovation Centre (MTIC) supports research initiatives that strengthen the innovation of existing and emerging medical technologies and advance patient and community care by creating pathways to adoption within our healthcare system through community and industry partnerships. 

MTIC provides an interactive collaborative space for research and innovation. In partnership with industry, the community and experts in engineering, education and health, MTIC supports quality patient care in a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.


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Product Improvement

MTIC can help medical technology companies with product improvement, providing feedback and recommendations to help improve products and processes to support improved clinical outcomes. Partners can reduce technology development costs by leveraging provincial and federal funding.

Testing and Validation Services

Leveraging Mohawk's Simulated Hospital Lab, the team at MTIC can support the deployment of new medical technologies into the healthcare system through testing and validation research that focuses on usability and interoperability.

Workshops and Training

MTIC hosts tours and training events for industry and academic researchers where expert staff at the Institute of Applied Health Sciences can assist in answering questions and provide further expertise on the equipment and technologies available within the spaces.

Labs & Equipment

Our facilities simulate the patient healthcare experience.

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Centre for Healthcare Simulation

Research team at the IAHS Simulated Hospital Lab

Each room within our Centre for Healthcare Simulation is equipped to serve as a fully functioning medical facility. The labs support applied research projects focused on healthcare technology development; including the testing and validation of new equipment in preparation for deployment into medical facilities. 

POC Ultrasound Applications Lab

Image of the POC Ultrasound Lab Equipment

The Point of Care Ultrasound Applications Lab supports the testing and adoption of leading-edge medical imaging technologies. Equipped with both portable ultrasound machines and units that communicate directly with a PACS (picture archiving and communications system), the specialized space and technology allows for the seamless sharing of images and information. Capable of general and cardiac imaging, the lab supports applied research that improves clinical practice and patient outcomes.

Medical Radiation Lab

CT scan suite at Mohawk College

The Medical Radiation Lab includes a radiography suite that contains five fully functioning digital x ray rooms, a functioning CT suite as well as computed radiography processing equipment. Both the radiography and sonography units communicate with a Philips PACs to allow for comprehensive image interrogation. 

Icentia Logo

Icentia Inc.

Icentia Inc. is a Canadian medical devices and service company that creates innovative medical testing solutions for healthcare institutions. To help improve customer adoption of its electrocardiogram analysis software (EART), Icentia asked the research team at MTIC to help them minimize the product learning curve and increase the usage of the tool in a clinical setting. 

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Point of Care Ultrasound Training

In 2018, the Ontario College of Midwives issued a statement that extended the midwifery scope of practice to include the use of diagnostic ultrasounds in clinical practice. MTIC partnered with the McMaster University Midwifery Education Program to design and develop a comprehensive and rigorous hands-on PoCUS training program to meet the needs of community midwives.

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Wendy Lawson portrait.

Wendy Lawson, Interim General Manager, MTIC

Wendy Lawson is the Dean of Mohawk College's School of Health and Interim General Manager of MTIC. In her role, Wendy works across the health portfolio to improve processes, strengthen teams, and advance projects focused on supporting research and innovation, and promoting excellence in teaching and learning. Wendy is a highly regarded leader and respected for her research work related to hemophilia and ultrasonography. Wendy holds an Advanced Diploma, Medical Imaging Technology, and Ultrasonography. She also has a Masters of Applied Science Degree in Medical Imaging, from Charles Sturt University, New South Wales, Australia, and an Honours Bachelor of Science, Biology, from the University of Waterloo.

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