Discover Nursing at Mohawk

Acquire health sciences knowledge, skills and abilities that transfer to many career opportunities. Develop the compassionate, scientific and managerial skills required for success in the profession of Nursing. Benefit from a professional career with excellent mobility and a dynamic variety of fulfilling work opportunities.

Choose from two options

Nursing is one profession with two categories of nurses. Both are registered professionals who work collaboratively to meet the challenges of patients in today’s complex healthcare environment.

Registered Nurses

RNs are Registered Nurses who are prepared to work in any setting and with any type of patient. As of 2005, all new RNs must have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BScN)

Registered Practical Nurses RPNs

Registered Practical Nurses RPNs are Registered Practical Nurses who deliver care to patients with less complex needs. As of 2005, all new RPNs must earn a diploma in Practical Nursing by taking a college program consisting of four semesters over 2 years

Dynamic, Exciting Career Opportunities

  • Graduate to a wide variety of work settings from hospitals to cruise ships to foreign services, in Canada and abroad
  • Experience excellent opportunities to travel and work
  • Benefit from working with multidisciplinary teams dedicated to patients and their needs
  • Enjoy workplace flexibility either part-time or full-time
  • Work in a very people oriented field
  • Make a difference