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Mohawk Security officer on the phone

Mohawk desk phone

By Phone:

Mohawk Security Services - all campuses 24 hours - 905-575-2003 or 905-574-5111

Stoney Creek Security Desk - ext 5035


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By Email:

security [at]


College assistance phones

College Assistance Phones:

There are 18 assistance phones located on the college property. These phones provide a quick one button connection to security, 24 hours a day.





College hallway intercom

College Hallway Intercoms:

There are 108 hallway intercom located at Fennell and Stoney Creek campuses. These intercoms provide a quick one button connection to security 24 hours a day.



Office Locations:

Stoney Creek Campus - Room A110

Fennell Campus - Room C103

Mailing Address:

135 Fennell Ave West
Hamilton, ON L9C0E5