Is a late start program right for you?

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“Late start” programs give students the opportunity to begin their semester at a later, alternative start date. While most students started their fall semester on September 6, students can push back their start date until September 26, and even apply for open September late start programs up until September 30. That’s right! You can even be late for late start programs! Confused? Don’t worry, we’re going to break it down for you. 

When do late start programs start? 

Your first day as a late start student is September 26. You can apply up until September 30 to programs with open seats. This just means that while the majority of late start students will begin Monday, September 26, some students may trickle in a few days later.  

What programs have a late start? 

Select Business and Computer Science programs are open, but only until seats are filled. If you’re interested in one of these programs, we encourage students to apply as soon as possible to secure a seat. You can find the full list of open programs here

Are you in the same block, i.e., class, as the people who started on September 6? 

Yes! You will be in the same block as students who begin September 6, and you will be required to catch up. Faculty from these programs are accustomed to having students start late, so they know what to expect and can help you succeed. It is recommended to connect with the Learning Support Centre for additional help. Late start programs have existed for over a decade at Mohawk College and students have been able to successfully complete their first semester confidently.  

Is it more difficult to start late than the traditional start date 

Yes, your first semester will have a compressed timeline compared to your classmates. This doesn’t mean that students who start late are less successful. Some of the most tenacious and ambitious students began their studies late. They are dedicated to being successful, so they make that happen for themselves. And while the first semester will be a bit more of a struggle, the second semester’s workload and timeline is the same as their peers.  

Will it be more difficult to make new friends or connections with faculty? 

Not at all! The other students only started 3 weeks ahead of you. Friendships haven’t been fully formed yet and your professors are still getting to know all the students. You will have plenty of time to make the necessary connections. In case you need more reassurance, here are some handy tips on how to make friends in college

How do I know if a late start program is right for me 

Do you want to start your diploma or graduate certificate but are worried you missed the deadline? Are you someone who is goal oriented and willing to buckle down for a few weeks to catch up? If you said yes, this is a great option for you!  

Are you actually late if you take a late start program? 

No. We know that for many people, lives don’t align perfectly with the academic calendar. We try to give as many options as possible to our community members so that more people have the opportunity to start college. 

We have a saying around here, “A student is never late. Nor are they early. They arrive precisely when they mean to.” Wait, maybe that’s Gandalf, but it applies here too! 

Become a late start student 

It’s not too late to apply and become a Mohawk College student this September. Submit your application online or get in touch with our team to help you through the process.  


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