How to make new friends in college

Two Mohawk College students walking in the halls

The friendships you will make during your time at Mohawk College may last the rest of your life. They could open doors to new careers or support you during challenging times. Make the most of your time at school and start forming these friendships today. Here are some tips on how you can start making new friends in college today. 

Say hello 

It seems like simple advice but saying hello and introducing yourself is step one. Most people are nervous in new settings. No one wants to seem uncool or desperate for friends, and for that reason, they’re also secretly hoping that someone else says hello first. When you think about it, you’re doing them a favour by being the first to say hi and introduce yourself.  

Be weird 

People are naturally the most critical of themselves. Even in times when you think you acted strangely, it’s doubtful anyone else even noticed. Being yourself is not only less stressful for you, but it also helps you find like-minded people, and eventually form friendships.  

Ask questions 

Asking genuine questions about your potential best bud is a great way to see into their inner world. It will also make them feel connected and appreciated. Try asking at least one follow up question to show you’re engaged and listening.  

Practice repetition and proximity 

There’s a lot to be said for showing up and sitting in the same spot weekly. You will naturally form bonds with the people who sit around you. Small talk turns into coffee runs, which turns into activities on the weekends, which turn into lifelong friendships. 

Participate and get involved 

Not only does participating help you make friends, but you can also learn some new skills along the way. Signing up for athletics, events, the First Year Experience Program, volunteer opportunities, the Mohawk Students’ Association clubs and so much more are great ways to integrate yourself in the Mohawk community. Chances are, the other people there also are looking to make new connections. 

Be kind 

Kindness goes a long way. Support your classmates, tell them what you liked about their project submission. Ask them for help with something you’re struggling with. When you’re open and understanding people will naturally gravitate toward you. 

Assume you're already friends 

Lastly, but most importantly, treat people like you're already friends. People like being liked. If you're friendly, remember details they’ve told you in the past and seem excited to talk to them, they will be more open to friendship.  


We’re so excited for all the future friendships you’re about to make during your time in college! Good luck and have fun.