Learning Support Centre

Learning Support Centre

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The Learning Support Centre offers FREE tutoring!

Upper-year and highly engaged student leaders are eager to help you succeed!


Course Peer Tutoring

Do you need help with a course? 

Book an appointment with a peer tutor.  We have tutors for most first-year, program-specific courses.

Book 4 hours a week

Visit the Peer Tutoring webpage

Math Support 

Do you need help with a specific math course?

Check our schedule for an on-demand appointment.  Visit our Math Schedule by clicking the button below.  Look for your course.

Book 5 hours a week

Visit the Math Support webpage

Writing & Communication

Do you want help with your writing?
Do you need help with your Communication course?

Book an appointment for all English communication skills by clicking the button below.

Book 5 hours a week

Visit the Writing Tutoring webpage


Study Skills Support

Do you want to develop better study skills?

Book an appointment with our study skills tutor or attend a Wednesday workshop.

Book 1 hour a week

Visit the Study Skills Page




Are you looking for course support for any of the following?

MATH 10083, MATH 10084
COMP 10001
MATH 10088

Attend Peer-Assisted Study Sessions.  

Visit the PASS Webpage

Study Jam

Do you want to attend a fun event to help you prepare for exams?

Mohawk's largest study session is hosted by the Learning Support Centre and your MSA! 


Join us on Wednesday, November 23rd. FREE tutoring, study support, workshops, games, and contests!

Learn more about Study Jam



Contact Us

Email: lsc [at] mohawkcollege.ca
Phone: 905-575-1212 ext. 3279
In-person: Room C122 Fennell Campus
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