From student to digital marketer - my journey as a co-op student

Photo of Mohawk co-op student Gagan outside Fennell Campus

Written by Gagangeet Kaur
Third-year Business Administration – Marketing student

My name is Gagan, and you have probably seen me on Mohawk College’s social media accounts, doing some promotional content. Thats right! I am everyone's favourite co-op student! 

My time at Mohawk is almost over, and to celebrate, let me walk you through my journey as a co-op student currently working in the industry.  

In January of 2020, I decided that I wanted to switch careers from Psychology to Marketing. After seeing someone in my own family pursue a successful career as a Mohawk graduate and reading about the positive experiences of other students who completed their co-op terms, I knew Mohawk was the school for me. I applied in January for the late start accelerated Business Administration – Marketing (Co-op) program and got in! 

As I went through each semester, I gained various marketing-related skills and knowledge. After completing four semesters, I was ready to start preparing for my co-op work placement in semester 5

To be absolutely honest, I was nervous about the application process and everything related to my job search. The great thing about co-op programs at Mohawk is that students get the opportunity to complete a prep course in semester 5.  

Photo of Gagan with Mohawk bagWithin that course, we were taught how to write our resumes and best practices for interviews. We even got to do a mock interview with our course supervisors. All these tips and techniques turned out to be helpful when I had to interview for my current position as ‘Social Media Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Mohawk College.   

I have been in my current role for approximately eight months, and I have enjoyed every bit of this experience. I was lucky to work with an amazing and supportive team of individuals. My manager and supervisors have been incredibly supportive of my growth. From letting me handle social media posts during some of our major events, such as Spring Open House 2022 and Convocation week, to teaching me about ad creation, social media data analysis, and webpage content management, I have learned a lot during my work terms.  

I even had the opportunity to try new things and test my skills by writing a blog post, creating and scheduling college posts on social media, and being featured in Tiktok and other photo and video content for the college!  

I can confidently admit that I have grown as an individual and a marketer. I truly recognize the value of completing co-op work placement prior to graduation. Co-op is an opportunity for students to gain experience and network within the industry. It is also a way to explore the industry by completing multiple work terms. These skills and connections can be very helpful when applying for jobs after graduation.  

As my time with the college marketing team comes to an end, I am also excited to start my new role as Marketing Coordinator with a local company. After the completion of my next Co-op term, I will be returning for my last semester at Mohawk College until I graduate in 2023.  

Although nobody knows what the future holds, I can say that my present experiences and knowledge will ensure that my future is bright.

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