Muskan finds support for career in skilled trades

Maskan sitting in front of Stoney Creek Campus for Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship

Skilled trades positions in Ontario are mostly dominated by men. Groups like Women in Technology & Trades (WiTT) at Mohawk College aim to increase opportunities and supports for women and gender-diverse people in these fields, through networking and community building. 

Muskan, a third-semester Electrical Engineering Technician student, is a proud member of this group. Since joining the group she says, “WiTT is proving very helpful in connecting me with other women in trades.” 

There are many benefits of a career in the skilled trades, such as accessing jobs that are in high demand and have a strong earning potential. And for many trades, you can be paid while you learn on the job through apprenticeships. Helping more people access these benefits helps everyone in our communities, as skilled workers are much needed. 

While making connections with other women in the trades has been pivotal for Muskan’s confidence, the men in her program have also been welcoming and supportive. “Being a woman in this program has never made me feel inferior or weak. In fact, I feel supported by the people around me,” she said. 

With a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from a university in her home country of India, Muskan is no stranger to the culture in this field and thrives in it. She offers advice to other women considering a similar path to her, “You might be the only woman in your cohort but be confident and if you love what you are doing, you will be successful one day.” 

While she appreciates the lab spaces and the campus facilities at the Stoney Creek Campus for Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship, her top recommendation for a study spot is the cafeteria. “I like to study with my friends so that we can discuss the answers. Not to mention, the pool and ping pong tables provide frequent gaming breaks in between,” she said. 

Muskan’s passion for electrical engineering and the connections she’s making are preparing her for a successful career. She encourages every person who wants to pursue a career in the trades to follow their dream.