What to plant in late summer for a fall harvest

close-up of green seedlings in black dirt

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Hamilton is located in an area of Ontario that is fortunate enough to have a little bit of a longer growing season. This means we can squeeze in another round of crops at the end of summer to harvest for fall!

There are many benefits to fall planting like, that the soil is warm, there are fewer pests, and temperatures are cooler to work in. But there are a few things to keep in mind to have a successful fall harvest. Consider how long a crop takes to mature, if the crop is tender or hardy and when you’ll need to harvest it.

A few crops you can directly sow into the ground are as follows:


Plant by date


 Aug 27


 Aug 27


 Sep 6


 Sep 16

Swiss Chard

 Sep 1


 Sep 1

Root vegetables (beetscarrots, radish, turnip) do not transplant well, so start seeds directly in the soil outside.

Planting before the plant by date means you’re more likely to have a successful fall planting and get some extra vegetables grown before wintertime.

Happy gardening!