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A close up of two people's hands shaking.

Networking For Introverts

By Jacqueline Riselay, CHRP - Future Ready Premium Program Career Coach with Student and Graduate Employment You’ve heard it time and time again. To get a job, you need to network. But there’s just one problem… You’re an introvert and you would rather eat dirt than go up to a complete stranger and...
James Gummerson stands in his studio amongst various canvases, surrounded by artworks both completed and in progress.

A stroke of passion

By Rachel Doek If you’re interested in the art scene of Hamilton, you may have heard of James Gummerson. James’ work is currently represented by Earls Court Gallery and Summer & Grace Gallery. His art has been displayed across Canada including The Art Gallery of Hamilton and Emerald Arts Gallery...
Mohawk student in front of the Fennell campus

Preparing for Open House

Open House at Mohawk College is an incredible way to have some fun and learn about the programs and services Mohawk has to offer. The goal of Open House is to learn about programs, supports and financial assistance available at the college. To make the most out of Open House, it’s a great idea to...