Bob Shields playing guitar
Bob Shields
Instructor, Guitar

Bob Shields is a jazz and contemporary guitarist, composer, researcher/author, and educator whose career spans 30+ years. An eternal student of his art, Bob holds a Diploma in Applied Music from Mohawk, an Honours B.A in Jazz Performance from the University of Toronto, a Master's degree in Contemporary and Jazz Composition from York University, and a Ph.D. in Musicology (also from York).

He has performed and recorded alongside many wonderful Canadian musicians, and has been afforded opportunities to tour Canada, Europe, and Japan. A versatile performer, Bob is a member of the contemporary jazz trio Shields Johnston Fielding, the Sting/Police tribute act Blue Turtle, and the classic progressive rock tribute act Bypass Off. He also performs and composes for Brazilian guitar. His compositions and arrangements span many styles and instrumentations, and have been performed on multiple tours, performances and recordings.

As a researcher, Bob's focus is in the area of creative wellbeing. He is an active and published author in his field (Humanities and Social Sciences Review, 7(2), December 2017 and the International Journal for Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis and Psychiatry, Vol.51, 2018, 3-4), and is an international guest speaker in the field of creativity and wellbeing. This year, he is scheduled to be a guest speaker for the Ontario Music Therapy Academy on the subject of improvisation and self-regulation 

Currently, Bob teaches at both Mohawk College (21 years) and McMaster University (16 years), and he has served on the music faculty at York University. Bob has directed post-secondary music classes including Principal Instrument (Guitar), Ensembles, Master Classes, Composition, History, Contemporary Materials of Music (Theory), World Music, African American Commercial Music, Indian Bollywood and Folk Guitar. He is also an active clinician and adjudicator. Bob's objective as an educator is to empower students to manage their creativity as an integral part of their human and artistic development. By understanding creativity through a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural lens and applying that knowledge meaningfully, Bob believes students can treat creativity both as a tool for life and work and as an approach to personal wellbeing and social contribution. 

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