Bus Pass and Transit Information

HSR Universal Transit Pass (U-Pass)

Beginning September 2021, the MSA PRESTO bus pass is back for all full-time students!

All full-time students at Mohawk College receive a 4-month unlimited PRESTO bus pass for the Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) for each semester they are enrolled. This service is provided by the Mohawk Students' Association (MSA). The pass allows you to ride the HSR anywhere, anytime throughout the city.

If you do NOT already have a Presto card, you can book an appointment to pick yours up at the campus you attend. Pick up starts August 23rd 2021 and you’ll need to bring your ONE Card with you.

If you already have a Presto card, you can activate it by following these steps:

#1: Select your course timetable.

#2: Open your Mohawk email to access your voucher code (there may be a delay in codes being sent out).

#3: Create a Presto account: www.prestocard.ca/en.

#4: Redeem your voucher!

Your card won’t be active until 24 hours after you’ve hit ‘Submit’.

Students who experience financial difficulties (including transit) are advised to contact either the International area or Financial Assistance so that a staff member can work with them to understand their circumstances and provide the best advice and funding resources. Students can email financialassistance [at] mohawkcollege.ca.

Once you have selected your timetable, you can pick up your PRESTO card at the following locations at your campus:

Campus Pick-Up Locations
Fennell Campus

MSA Office (Room G109)

Stoney Creek Campus

MSA Office (Room A125)

IAHS Campus

MSA Office (Room 112)


How to Activate Your Presto Card


Learn More:

Visit the MSA's website


Burlington Transit $30 U-Pass Add-On for full time Mohawk College students!

If you're in Hamilton or Burlington and looking to travel between and around those two cities, check out the Burlington U-Pass Add-On option.
Full time Mohawk College students with an MSA PRESTO bus pass can purchase a monthly Add-On for $30 to receive unlimited access to Burlington Transit!

Pick up your Add-On pass today at the Downtown Terminal, 430 John St. Burlington.

Learn more on the Burlington Transit website.

HSR Bus Routes

See COVID-19 related service and safety updates from HSR.

Mohawk College students can travel on any route 20 A-Line, 21 Upper Kenilworth, 33 Sanatorium or 35 College bus to the Fennell campus and route 55a Levi Loop to the Stoney Creek campus.

Route 20 A-Line frequency is increasing to every 15 minutes during weekday morning and afternoon peak periods. Service hours will also expand to include weekday evenings until approximately 10 pm with 30-minute frequency.

Regular weekday service will return starting September 5, 2021 on routes:

      6 - Aberdeen                  7 - Locke                      8 - York

    21 - Upper Kenilworth    22 - Upper Ottawa          23 - Upper Gage

    24 - Upper Sherman      25 - Upper Wentworth    26 - Upper Wellington

    27 - Upper James           33 - Sanatorium             34 - Upper Paradise

    35 - College                    41 - Mohawk

Fennell Campus

Platform Route
Platform 1 20 A-Line Express - Southbound
21 Upper Kenilworth - Southbound
Platform 2 33 Sanatorium - Southbound
Platform 3 20 A-Line Express - Northbound
21 Upper Kenilworth - Northbound
Platform 4 33 Sanatorium - Northbound
35 College - Northbound
Platform 5 35 College - Southbound

Stoney Creek Campus

  • 55a Levi Loop

Institute for Applied Health Sciences

  • 10 B-Line Express
  • 1A King
  • 51 University
  • 5 Delaware

View HSR Bus schedules.

Need help planning your HSR route?  Use the HSR Trip Planner website!

GO Bus Routes


NEW! Hamilton to Toronto all-day GO trains serving the West Harbour (James Street North) station.

Getting to campus from out of town just got a lot easier! 

You can use the route below to travel to Fennell Campus from the West Harbour Go station via the HSR.

From the West Harbour Go Station at James Street North, walk 4 minutes to Stop 1064 at James Street at West Harbour Go Station. 

Take the 20 A-LINE EXPRESS Southbound (to Hamilton Airport via Mohawk College). Stop at MOHAWK COLLEGE Terminal, Platform 1.

View the A-LINE EXPRESS schedule

As of August 7, 2021 GO Transit now offers all day, hourly trains serving the West Harbour station on James Street North.

To plan your route in and around the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area, visit triplinx.ca


Institute for Applied Health Sciences - McMaster GO Terminal 

Platform Routes
Platform 1 WB (47) Hamilton GO
Platform 2 EB (15, A) Aldershot GO
Platform 2 WB (15) Brantford GO
Platform 3 EB (47F) York U
Platform 4 EB (47A, B) Bramalea GO/Square One
Platform 5 EB (47C) Erin Mills Transitway Station
(47E) Oakville Carpool Lot
(47H) Bronte Carpool Lot