Bus Pass and Transit Information

HSR Universal Transit Pass (U-Pass)

The fall HSR bus pass program for all Mohawk College students has been suspended due to COVID-19.  Students will not be charged for a bus pass in their student fees. 

If you require access to local transit, you can load funds onto your PRESTO card for individual rides or monthly passes.  This can be done online at prestocard.ca or at any of the PRESTO customer service locations within Hamilton. 

For students who can demonstrate financial needs, the Mohawk Students' Association (MSA) has worked with the Mohawk College Financial Assistance department to set a MSA Transit Bursary. The application details for the MSA Transit Bursary will be released in the coming weeks. Please remember to hold on to your receipts and stay tuned for more details. 

See COVID-19 related service and safety updates from HSR.  

Go Transit

See COVID-19 related safety updates from Go Transit.

See service updates from Go Transit

All full-time students at Mohawk College receive a 4-month unlimited bus pass for the Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) for each semester they are enrolled. This service is provided by the Mohawk Students' Association (MSA). The pass allows you to ride the HSR anywhere, anytime throughout the city.

As of April 2019, your HSR U-Pass will be managed using a PRESTO card, instead of a sticker on your ONEcard. 

Once you have selected your timetable, you can pick up your PRESTO card at the following locations at your campus:

Campus Pick-Up Locations
Fennell Campus

MSA Office (Room G109)

Stoney Creek Campus

MSA Office (Room A125)

IAHS Campus

MSA Office (Room 112)

How to Activate Your Presto Card

Learn More:

Visit the MSA's website

HSR Bus Routes

Fennell Campus

Platform Route
Platform 1 20 A-Line Express - Southbound
21 Upper Kenilworth - Southbound
Platform 2 33 Sanatorium - Southbound
Platform 3 20 A-Line Express - Northbound
21 Upper Kenilworth - Northbound
Platform 4 33 Sanatorium - Northbound
35 College - Northbound
Platform 5 35 College - Southbound

Stoney Creek Campus

  • 55a Levi Loop

Institute for Applied Health Sciences

  • 10 B-Line Express
  • 1A King
  • 51 University

GO Bus Routes


Institute for Applied Health Sciences

Platform Routes
Platform 1 WB (47) Hamilton GO
Platform 2 EB (15, A) Aldershot GO
Platform 2 WB (15) Brantford GO
Platform 3 EB (47F) York U
Platform 4 EB (47A, B) Bramalea GO/Square One
Platform 5 EB (47C) Erin Mills Transitway Station
(47E) Oakville Carpool Lot
(47H) Bronte Carpool Lot