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Mohawk College Terminal

The Mohawk College Terminal is the central hub for transit at Fennell Campus. The Terminal includes bus bays, heated shelters, and platforms serving HSR routes 20, 21, 33 and 35. The terminal provides a positive commuting experience for thousands of staff, students and visitors who choose transit to get to campus.

See Bus Pass and Transit Information

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Active Transportation

The benefits of active transportation include saving money on transportation, better health and a more positive commuter experience. We're proud of our bike and pedestrian-friendly campus, designed to provide safe, convenient movement for students walking to and from the college or between classes. Mohawk Sustainability offers annual events and programs to support active transportation and cycling.

Secure Bike Cage

Need a safe place to park your bike on campus? The Fennell Campus is home to a 48-spot secure bike cage. This facility is available to all Mohawk staff and students who cycle to campus. This facility provides an excellent option to store your bike, and adds peace-of-mind to your active commute to and from campus.

Where is the Bike Cage on campus?

The Secure Bike Cage is found on Fennell campus, between the P3 Short-Term Parking Lot and the B-Wing.

Link to Google Maps

Apply to access the cage

To activate your free bike parking membership, register via the digital form: Secure Bike Parking Request Form

Once remotely activated, your OneCard will serve as a tap-key for entry. Please allow several business days for activation. The Sustainability Office will notify you via your Mohawk College email when access has been granted.  

Memberships must be renewed once per year in August for continued access. If you are registered with the bike cage, you will receive a reminder email to re-apply at the time of renewal. If you require support or have any questions, please email: sustainability [at]

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Bike Repair Stations

There are 2 self-service bike repair stations at Fennell Campus that will help ensure your cycling commute to Mohawk is a safe one.

  • Outside the Fennell Campus Library
  • Outside the Main Entrance (Next to the Bike Parking Facility)

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Shared Mobility

Shared mobility platforms allow people the freedom to access a car, bicycle or other transportation mode only when they need it, creating more flexibility in the way they get around. Shared mobility reduces or eliminates the need for ownership, and is a more affordable option for many people. Mohawk's Bike Loan Program and on-campus Zipcar vehicles are both examples of shared mobility at the college.

Bike Loan Program

The bike loan program through the Mohawk Library is suspended for the fall semester due to COVID-19. Hamilton Bike Share offers a network of bikes for loan in the lower city. New Hope Community Bikes offers refurbished bikes for sale. 

Mohawk College Library has 13 bikes to loan to Mohawk College students and staff. They are all 21 gear mountain bikes. The sizes vary slightly — check the link below for details.

  • Loans are for 3 days, this can be extended depending on demand and availability.
  • You must wear a helmet – yours or borrow one from us.
  • You must present current Mohawk ID each time you borrow a bike.

Legal stuff:For your first loan, please see library staff to get a bike loan agreement. Once you’ve filled out a form, they will keep it on file, you only have to do it once.


Due to COVID-19, Zipcar is not currently offering its car-sharing vehicles at Fennell Campus. Zipcar is still available in other areas of the city for use by the Mohawk College community. Learn more and sign up.


The Mohawk Students' Association and Mohawk Sustainability have partnered with Zipcar to bring a carshare program to campus. Join for a low as $20/year and get convenient access to reliable vehicles. For more information or to sign up, visit Zipcar Mohawk.

Two students carpooling

According to Hamilton Public Health, COVID-19 is spread mainly from person-to-person via respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Potential sources of exposure when carpooling include having close contact with others with COVID-19, or touching surfaces touched by a person with COVID-19. Carpoolers should take the following steps to help protect themselves and others:

1.  Stay home if you are sick

2.  Limit contact

  • Have passengers sit in the back seat rather than the front
  • Consider wearing non-medical masks
  • Use a contactless method of payment, if applicable
  • Limit the number unknown individuals travelling together
  • Avoid using the recirculated air option for the car’s ventilation during passenger transport; use the car’s vents to bring in outside air and/or lower the vehicle windows

3.  Practice good hygiene

  • Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds -when this is not possible, clean hands often with an alcohol-based hand rub
  • Always clean hands after handling money or assisting with another’s personal items.
  • Avoid touching your face (eyes, nose, or mouth)
  • Practice proper cough and sneeze etiquette
  • Clean and disinfect the vehicle and commonly touched surfaces


Want to save money on gas and parking? Form a carpool and take turns driving to campus. Parking pass splitting is available and applies to all parking spaces at Fennell and Stoney Creek campuses. 

Need some support with forming a carpool? Worried about how you'd get home in an emergency? View carpooling tips and resources.

How carpool parking works

  • Share your parking permit with up to three others by adding additional license plate numbers to the permit. A total of four license plates can be added to a single permit.
  • Only one registered vehicle may use the permit to park on campus at any one time. 
  • If you need your own vehicle on campus occasionally, you can pay the daily rate. You will still save money if this happens infrequently.

Visit the Parking and ONE card office for more information, or call Parking Services at 905-575-2121.


Electric vehicle charging stations

Electric vehicle charging stations remain available for use at Fennell and Stoney Creek campuses. Charging is allowed up to 4 hours daily per vehicle. Please follow all public health guidelines when using the stations.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Mohawk has 16 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at the Fennell and Stoney Creek campuses. Charging is free for parking permit holders. EV owners are allowed to use a charging station for up to 4 hours at a time. After 4 hours, users must move their vehicle to allow others to use the station.

For more information, contact sustainability [at]

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