Mohawk Awards of Excellence

The Award of Excellence is Mohawk's highest honour for recognizing individual employees. Three Awards of Excellence are presented annually to an outstanding faculty member, support staff employee, and administrative staff employee. 

Nominations are now open for the 2023 Mohawk Awards of Excellence. Please submit nominations by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, May 12.

Submit a Nomination Form

Award Criteria 

Nominees must meet the following award criteria:

  • They have had a positive and verifiable impact on the college and the communities it serves.
  • They enhance the image and reputation of their program, department, or the college.
  • There is evidence of sustained contribution over an extended period.
  • They demonstrate leadership or serve as a role model for others.
  • They exemplify the values of the college. 
  • They help to advance the strategic priorities of the college. 

Please avoid submitting nominations that focus on a single project or initiative, or one aspect of a person’s performance. If your nominee does not meet the criteria for an Award of Excellence please consider nominating them for Mohawk Everyday Hero Award.

Historical Award of Excellence Winners

Year Individual Winners Team Winners
2023 Greg Gagnon
Tara-Lyn Dinyer
Pearl Mendonca

Julie Farnand

Mary Anne Peters

Elizabeth Fabbroni Martin


Jennifer Jahnke

Cathy O'Donnell

Adam Luyk 

2019 Richard Dupp 
Sarah Harvie 
Louisa Drost
2018 Kevin Browne
Maria Bracalenti
Wendy Lawson
2017 Duane Bender
Casandra Saiciuc
Neil McMahon
2016 Sara Gluchowski
Cheryl Olario
Christine Boucher
Julie Amais
Christine DiCarlo
Mary Ianazzo
Janet Mannen
Wayne Aubert
Theresa Merwin
Duncan Aird
Jay Mycroft
Mohamed Ibrahim and Nityan Khanna
Building and Facilities Services Team
International Education and Partnerships Team
2015 Kelvin Lee
Karen Moore
Marla Robinson
Access Team
2014 Dr. Nafia Al-Mutawaly FRPi Team
ePortfolio Team
2013 Ron Taylor International Women's Day Team
"I" Pad Project Team
2012 Elizabeth Sadler
Candice Smith
Project Pathfinder team
2011 Jeremy Dowling Apps for Health Members
2010 Piero Cherubini
Kelly Dunham
Katherine Usik
Apprenticeship Online Registration Team
2008 Mike Dwyer
Adele Martin
Donna Ruhloff
Course Outline Team
2007 Kelly Bates
Nancy Brown Brunton
Karen Lavell
Nancy Whetstone
2006 Anna Gris
Peggy Kirby
Jill Leedham
Marianne Wilson
2005 Ron Baskin
Bernetta Scime
Janice Shearer