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Providing immersive solutions to build a skilled workforce.

The field of augmented and virtual reality, referred to by the umbrella term XR is a fast-growing sector of the economy. It is expected to transform the way we educate students, train employees and operate businesses.

Mohawk College, together with EON Reality Inc. have formed a partnership around developing XR solutions for industry and education.

The EON/Mohawk XR development centre serves as a hub for innovation, training, education and applied research solutions across multiple industries, serving the entire province. Companies around the world are using augmented and virtual reality training to reduce risk, lower costs and increase effective knowledge transfer.

EON Reality Inc. and Mohawk College can support institutions working with educational, industrial or commercial partners to integrate XR into their businesses.

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Learn more about Mohawk's Virtual Reality Multimedia Production graduate certificate program that focuses on technology, industry applications, and storytelling within the virtual reality landscape.

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What are VR, AR and XR?

Virtual Reality (VR)

In it’s truest sense, virtual reality (VR) is computer-generated environments where users can interact with objects in real-time. It is displayed through stereoscopic lenses found in Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) or simple google cardboards. The viewer is immersed in the VR world and can not see anything in the real world.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality (AR) is when computer-generated objects or images are overlaid on the real world. In this respect, viewers can see the augmented images through special headsets such as the Microsoft HoloLens or by using their phone or tablet.


The realm of technology that combines real and virtual worlds has become fluid on a spectrum. XR has come to replace A(R), V (R), and M (R) and represent that solutions often include a bit of augmented, virtual, mixed, cinematic reality and others.

This technology comes to life at Mohawk College's XR centre in partnership with EON Reality Inc.


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Supercluster alignment

XR training aligns with Ontario’s Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster’s mission of building the province’s next generation training and technology adoption. As a result of this alignment, we believe it is likely that investments in XR training initiatives would qualify for supercluster funding.

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