Social Service Worker Placement

The Social Service Worker Program at Mohawk College provides support both to our students and agencies to ensure that students have the best learning opportunity and that agencies will also benefit from the experience. We challenge our students to use their field placement experience to stretch themselves and to learn as much as possible about themselves, their agency and those they serve.

Current Placement Offerings

Program Placement Offering Dates Hours
Fast Track
Full Time Program
Field Placement 1 July to August = 200 hours Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
Intensive Program Field Placement
Placement 1: June to August = 260 hours

Placement 2: October to December = 265 hours
1/2Mondays*,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Full Time Program
Field Placement
September to April = 400 hours Monday and Tuesday
Full Time Program
Field Placement 1 January to April = 200 hours Thursday and Friday
Continuing Education All Offerings May to August Schedule to be negotiated with the agency

Intensive students are in the field 4.5 days a week. Monday mornings they will have seminar.


Please upload the appropriate WORD version of our evaluation, complete and email it to SSWplacements [at]

Tools and Resources

Placement Prerequisites

In order for Mohawk College to proceed placing students in field placements, students must have been successful in passing all of the prerequisites required to enter their placements. In addition to this, students must demonstrate good physical, mental health and wellness in order to participate in the field component of the program, including compliance with Mohawk College's Student Behaviour Policy.

Subject to accommodations as required by law, any student who has an active drug addiction and/or discloses personal information about behaviours which pose a risk to the safety or well-being of the student or others will not be offered a field/clinical placement. Students must be free from substance abuse for a period of two years or until they can produce documentation that their health and wellness has improved for a period reasonable in the circumstances.

The final decision to proceed in placing a student in field placements rests with the academic Associate Dean.

Academic prerequisites for field placement include Interviewing Skills (COMM SO226) and Field Placement Prep and Community Awareness (HMNS 10101).

Non-academic prerequisites includes completion of all "Required" categories as noted by HS Trax (such as WHMIS, AODA, specific Police Checks, etc.)

Contact Information

Office: 905-575-1212, ext. 2149
Fax: 905-575-2094

Kelly McCormick

Field Placement Coordinator
SSW Intensive and Regular Full Time Offerings
Kelly McCormick
kelly.mccormick [at]
905-575-1212 ext. 3617

Vicky Webb

Field Placement Specialist
Vicky Webb
vicky.webb [at]
905-575-1212 ext. 3363



Field Placement Specialist
Casey Sager
casey.sager [at]
905-575-1212 ext. 3884