Student Placement FAQs

Find answers to your questions regarding Field, Clinical and Practicum Placements. You can learn more about specific programs by visiting the Student Placement Program page.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Field Placement?

Field Placements provide students with a specified amount of hours in an industry-relevant unpaid work placement. 

What is a Clinical Placement?

Required as part of a health program of study with a scheduled number of unpaid hours in an environment that provides healthcare or related services to patients or the public. Clinical placements are an integral component of the curriculum and necessary for a professional association and accreditation. Placements can take place in primary, secondary, or community healthcare or social care settings.

What is a Practicum Placement?

Experience required by both an academic program and a regulatory professional association where work hour requirements are mandatory for a professional license, certification, or registration. Professional skills are developed in an unpaid work setting or simulated work setting under the supervision of a registered or licensed professional.

General Questions

Are Field Placements, Clinicals and Practicums paid work experiences?

Clinical and Practicum placements are all unpaid work experiences. Although Field Placements are generally unpaid, it is possible to have a paid Field Placement.

Do I need to find my own placement or will someone find one for me?

Each program has their own Placement Specialist/Coordinator who will assist in securing placements for students. Please note that there are some program exceptions, please check the program’s placement page for details.

How are Placements graded?

Placements are graded as Requirements Met or Not Met/Failure.

Am I guaranteed a Placement?

Students are not guaranteed a placement and can be denied a placement if they have not completed their Preplacement Non-Academic Requirements (NARs).  Placement Specialists/Coordinators work very hard to ensure eligible students find a placement.

Will I have to complete an interview to secure a placement?

Most placements do not require an interview to secure the role, but there are some program exceptions.  Your Placement Specialist/Coordinator will let you know if an interview is required.

Will I have to attend an orientation to secure a placement?

Some programs may require an Orientation prior to your placement. Your Specialist/Coordinator will let you know if an orientation is required.

How many hours do I have to complete for my program and when are the Placements offered?

Each program has a different number of required placement hours to complete. Please see your Program of Study’s listed courses for information on timing and required hours.  

Will I work weekends?

Some placements will require students to work during the weekend.  Please contact your Placement Specialist/Coordinator for information.  

How do I learn more about my program's Placement?

To learn more about your program's Placement, please see your specific Placement program page (listed by theme on this site). You can also learn about your Placement's timing by reviewing your Program of Study's course listing.

I have questions regarding Preplacement requirements, where can I find more information?

For more information regarding Preplacement requirements, please see the Preplacement Services page.

If I have general questions or am having difficulties on my Placement, who should I contact?

Students should contact their Placement Specialist/Coordinator.

Placement Locations

Do I get to choose the location of my Placement/Can I find my own placement?

Students are not always able to choose their placement location but are sometimes given the opportunity to shortlist preferences. Mohawk College will determine the allocation of students to placement locations. Students may be required to attend a placement location that is not of their choosing. All placement locations must be approved by the Placement Specialist/Coordinator.

Will all of my placements be at the same location?

If students have multiple placements within their program, the placement location may change for each placement. Students should contact their Placement Specialist/Coordinator for additional information.

Will my Field Placement be located on a bus route?
Field Placements may occur at locations not available by public transit. Students must prepare financially and personally to relocate and/or commute to their assigned placement. Mohawk College is not responsible for providing students with transportation to field placements.

Placement Accommodations

Who do I contact if I require an accommodation on my placement?

If you are a student with a disability who requires accommodations for a Placement, please visit the Accessible Learning Services Experiential Learning webpage for information regarding the Experiential Learning Accommodation Form.


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