Accommodated Testing Booking Form


Please ensure you put the date and time that your class is writing. If you are not writing at the same time as your class, please ensure this has been approved by your instructor before submitting this booking. Testing Centre testing hours are Monday to Friday 8:00am - 7:00pm.
Test Delivery
Please confirm test delivery with your instructor prior to booking. If online - please note, you will have a virtual appointment with a staff member via Zoom. Please ensure you have access to a computer or laptop (tablets and/or cellphones are not permitted for testing) Please go to and make sure Zoom is downloaded. Ensure your microphone and webcam are functional and you are able to share your screen.
My class is writing in-person
Please note, this is only for students who have received permission from Accessible Learning Services and the Testing Centre prior to booking.
Please ensure you indicate the correct course and test name (eg. COMM LL041 - Test 1)
Please indicate the classroom your class is writing in. If online, please indicate "Online class"
Please list the testing accommodations required for your test (eg. Clarification, Breaks for Medical Reasons, etc). Please ensure these accommodations are on your Accommodation Letter.