McIntyre Performing Arts Centre Internal Booking Request

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This form is for Internal User groups to request a booking for the McIntyre Performing Arts Centre.  

Please complete the form to best of your ability and staff will reach out to confirm the details of your booking request.  A booking request cannot be finalized through this form alone.

If you wish to check on the availability of a particular date, before submitting a request, please email Alec Harmer - Supervisor, Theatre Operations at alec.harmer [at] (subject: MPAC%20Date%20Availability%20check) (alec[dot]harmer[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca).

Required questions are marked in red.

Contact Info

Basic Event Information

Please select your preferred event date and outside times.

If your event dates are flexible, please select a date range, and provide some details about acceptable days (ie only Thursdays). If you have more event timing details please enter them on the next page, but don't worry if you don't know those details yet.

Is my date flexible?
Is this MPAC event part of a larger event?

Cost Recovery

Some events may incur costs which will be recovered through journal transfers.  These costs will be estimated in advance of your event based on the guidelines below, and provided event information. We will work with event organizers throughout the cost estimation process, and these costs must be agreed to in advance of an event. Changes in event details may affect event charges. Final costs are calculated after event completion.

Event requests for dates that are are less that 45 days in advance may have facility fees waived if the date is open and available.








Labour Costs

Only after 4:30p Monday - Thursday & Friday - Sunday

+ All P/T labour

Only after 4:30p Monday - Thursday & Friday - Sunday

+ All P/T labour

Full labour Costs + All P/T Labour

Facility CostsOnly after 4:30p Monday - Thursday & Friday - Sunday

Only after 4:30p Monday - Thursday & Friday - Sunday

 Reduced rate for other times

(certain events will be exempt)

Reduced rate for facility costs Monday - Thursday

Full Rate Friday - Sunday