Study Groups

Study Groups

Here to help you study together

Connect with classmates, review materials, prepare for tests, and work on practice questions.

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Create a Study Group

1 - Complete the registration form below
2 - Tell your classmates and professor about your Study Group
3 - Arrange a time and place for your group to meet
4 - Submit the group attendance after each session (record student names and Mohawk ID for attendees)

Why Join Study Groups?

Study Groups is a great way to learn and review material outside of the classroom. Collaborate with students from your program to boost your understanding.  

Why Volunteer to Lead Study Groups?

All Study Groups need a leader. The tasks are simple: register a group, run your session, and submit attendance. Leaders will have the satisfaction of contributing to your own and your classmates success.

Earn CCR Credit & Prizes

You can receive recognition on your Co-Curricular Record (CCR) for participating. 

*For students in program 309A, Study Group Peer Leaders and Attendees are eligible to win 1 of 3 $50 Home Depot gift cards. Read the full contest rules 



Register a Study Group and/or Submit Attendance

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