Frequently Asked Questions About (CICE) for Potential and Current Students

What is the CICE Program? 
Two-year program designed for students who have developmental disabilities,  intellectual disabilities, or other significant learning challenges. 

What does a student gain?

  • An opportunity to experience all aspects of student life
  • Improve on academic skills, social skills, and work skills
  • Learn in an inclusive, person centered environment
  • Build on leadership skills and learn self-advocacy skills
  • Enhance employability skills through work placement experiences
  • Participate in elective courses in other academic areas
  • Comprehensive Transition plan from CICE – started in semester 3 and students present to their supports in semester 4
  • Graduates will receive an Ontario College Certificate

Intake and Applying

What are the admission requirements?

  • An intellectual/developmental disability or significant learning challenge with demonstrated need for a modified curriculum
  • Able to attend college independently
  • Participate in an intake interview process

How do I know if I am a good fit for the program?

  • Come to an information session
  • Read over our CICE Candidate sheet
  • Visit a CICE class
  • Book a session with a CICE team member

When are the intakes?
May (4 consecutive semesters: May, Sept, Jan, May) or September (2 years with a 4-month summer break, semesters: Sept, Jan, Sept, Jan)

How many students do you accept per intake?
25 students per intake (25 new students in May and 25 new students in September)

How do I apply? We have an intensive intake process with many steps:

  • Step 1: apply for CICE at Mohawk College on (a fee of $110.00 goes to Ontario Colleges)
  • Step 2: the program will send you an information package to complete along with a request for your resume, references, and disability documentation.
  • Step 3: you will be invited to complete an interview
  • Step 4: you will await acceptance (this could take up to several months as the intake process is extensive)
  • Step 5: if accepted you need to accept your offer on the Ontario colleges website

Disability Documentation

What is some acceptable disability documentation?

  • A psychoeducational assessment indicating that the person has a learning challenge and the need for modification OR an IEP with a current doctor’s note, indicating need for modified curriculum because of a significant learning challenge OR DSO, ODSP completed Assessment Record (from the organization)
  • Does the documentation have to be recent? No, unless it is an accompanying doctor note.
  • What is the disability documentation used for? It is only used for qualifying the student as a possible candidate for the CICE program, meaning there is a need for modified curriculum.

What if I am not accepted or waitlisted, can I apply again?
If you do not get into the program, we encourage you to apply again! We are happy to use the same documentation you provided in the previous application, but you are welcome to submit any documents or complete the interview again.

Can I get support with applying?
The staff in the CICE program are happy to support you with your application. Please email cice-learningfacilitators [at] (cice[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca) for support.

Can I apply as a mature student?
We welcome all ages in the CICE program – you would just apply as any student through Ontario Colleges.

Can the college just talk with my family or support?
Now that you are an adult, the College will require your consent to speak with your family or support. All communication from the College will be sent to your email address, but you are welcome to share any information with your family or supports.

What happens once I accept my offer?

  • You will keep watching emails for information about orientation and registration
  • You may get general college emails about Accessible Learning Services or Assessment for Success – CICE students do not need to do these steps
  • You will need to pay a deposit
  • You can start any financial aid processes (OSAP, bursaries)


Can I apply for OSAP?

Can an LF apply for OSAP for me? If not, can I get support with applying for OSAP?
Unfortunately, LFs cannot apply for OSAP for you, but there are financial advisors at the college who are experts in this area. During orientation, we will host financial workshops with the advisors where you can complete your OSAP application and ask any questions you may have. If you cannot attend the workshop, the LFs are happy to connect you with the financial advisors.

Are there any bursaries for CICE students?
The college has scholarships and awards open to all students. During the financial workshops, financial advisors can support you in completing this application as well. You can apply for these scholarships and awards even if you do not receive OSAP funding. You can complete an application each semester.

Do I have to pay for my tuition before I can register for my courses?
Yes. There are two options: students are required to pay their deposit and complete their OSAP application in its entirety or pay the full fees. The college will send email reminders.

Do I pay the same tuition as all the other college programs?

Do I have to pay for books?
No, there are no textbooks required for our program!

Do I need a computer?
No, our program has computers available for students to use and we have access to a computer lab. However, if you would prefer to bring your own you are welcome to

Do I need to pay any other costs?
If you would like access to a locker you can purchase them for each semester or a full year

What is included in my tuition?
Access to the gym, events by the Mohawk Student Association and an HSR Presto card are included in your tuition in addition to other student services. Information is available on Mohawk website and we go more in depth in your first semester Transition to College course.


What supports are provided in the program?
Each CICE student is diverse and brings different strengths and skills to our program. Students are supported by faculty and Learning Facilitators (LF) through:

  • Goal setting (social, academic, and independence)
  • Transitional phases
  • Tutoring and assignment workshops (including assistive technology)
  • Professional Behaviour Coaching while on campus and online
  • 3 sessions of intensive orientation
  • Navigating the school services

Can I bring my own supports to the program? 
Yes, in some rare circumstances students may need additional transitional supports or personal care supports.

Is it a 1:1 support program? 
No, LFs are available to students should they require support. However, students need to have a level of independence where they do not require constant support.



CICE Core Classes

What do I learn in CICE Core Classes? 

Semester Skills learned
Semester 1 Transitioning into College – courses related to what you need to know to be a successful
college student
Semester 2 Transitioning into Work – courses related to work experience and getting ready for your 
coop in 3rd semester
Semester 3 Transitioning into the Community – courses related to preparing for your transition from CICE and understanding next steps
Semester 4 Transitioning from CICE – courses related to setting goals and making community  
connections for support after CICE

If I am a strong student in a particular class or have taken a similar course before, can I be exempt from the class? 
All CICE core classes are mandatory for CICE students to take. You cannot be exempt from these classes

Does my class schedule run from 8 am – 3 pm  every day? 
No, classes and class times run differently each day. Some days, you may only have 1 class and other days you may have more. There is support available in our space from 8 am – 5 pm every day if students would like to be on campus longer than their class times.

Can I go into another college program after I graduate from CICE? 
You can apply for another college program after CICE; however, the CICE program does not give you the  requirements to be eligible for another college program. Students will have had to have taken the course in high school or complete academic upgrading after CICE depending on the program for which you are applying.

What if I fail a course?

 If you fail a course you will need to repeat it to graduate it. You will have to wait until the specific course is offered again. For example, if you failed a course in semester 3, you will need to wait until a semester 3 is offered again to take that course. It also must fit into your timetable. Here is our semester breakdown: Fall (Semester 1, 2, 3) Winter (Semester 2, 3, 4) Spring (Semester 1, 4).

What if I leave the course for personal or medical reasons without completing the full program?

If you wish to return within a year of leaving the program, please email us indicating that you wish to re-enter the program. We will need to confirm that the right semester is running when you wish to return. If you’d like to come back after one year, you will need to re-apply on (including the $110 fee) and send us an email to let us know you’d like to return.

Academic Experience (Electives)

What is an Academic Experience (AE) course?

In addition to core CICE classes, students are provided the opportunity to enhance their academic experience by taking mainstream college classes. In your 1st and 2nd semesters, you will take one elective per semester and in your 3rd and 4th semesters, you will take two electives per semester. You will have 6 in total.

How are credits earned in relation to AE classes?

Audit (majority of all CICE students)

  • Students audit mainstream courses and earn their credit through CICE
  • Modifications to course work will be provided by supports in CICE to meet their learning needs
  • All students in first semester begin by auditing their AE class, many continue to in an auditing role throughout all 4 semesters

What supports are in place for me as I audit AE classes and how is the work modified?

  • LFs accompany the students to their classes and support with notetaking, assistance with planning and organizing work, integration into group work and class activities.
  • Credit (fewer CICE students–academic focused):
  • Students go through a process after 1st semester if they wish to try an AE course for credit, this must be done before the next semester starts
  • Students would still receive credit through their CICE program of studies but if successful in passing their AE class, they can also receive this credit
  • Modifications to course work will not be made, but instead, students will receive accommodations through Accessible Learning Services (CICE staff will support registration for ALS)
  • The course work will be unmodified from the start of the course, the college will provide accommodations if student is trying the course for credit
  • Students complete this course independently with college support, rather than LF support
  • What if I fail my AE unmodified attempt? If the student tries the credit and fails – then the credit is turned into an audit and they are given the CICE credit, and they still are on track to graduate.

Work Experience 

What does the work experience look like?
Our Job Developer finds individualized placement opportunities that fit their interests and needs.

  • 3rd semester (4 hours / 12 weeks) = 48 hours
  • 4th semester (6 hours / 12 weeks) = 72 hours

Can I find my own placement?
Yes. If there is a specific place of interest and you have already made the connection, students can bring places of interest to the Job Developer. Then, the Job Developer will reach out to the employer and provide them with the expectations when taking on a placement. Then, the Job Developer will set up an interview and attend with the student.

Can I work at my previous employer or placement from high school?
You can, but we encourage you to work towards obtaining new experiences and networking with new people in a work environment.

How many times a week do I attend placement?
In 3rd semester, you will attend 4 hours once a week. In 4th semester, you can complete the six hours in one day or you can choose to split it into two 3-hour days.

What happens if I do not like my placement halfway through?
Together you and the Job Developer will problem solve any concerns. It may be that support is put into the workplace, or you may move into another placement altogether.

Will the two placements be at the same place?
It is an option to stay in the same placement for both semesters.

Do I get hired after my placement?
There is no guarantee that the employer will hire the student after they graduate.

Clubs and Socials with CICE and Mohawk College

Are there opportunities to be social on campus? Online?

There are many opportunities to socialize on campus! The CICE program hosts many student-led clubs each semester. Some examples are girls club, guys club, video game club, art club, anime club, and basketball club. These are not mandatory and must be student motivated to participate. There are also clubs run through the Mohawk Student Association that we encourage you to check out and join! And lastly, there are big college-wide social activities. We try to communicate all this information in 1–1 LF meetings, class time, bulletin boards, email and more!

Is there support during socials?

An LF will attend all the CICE run clubs for support. LFs try to attend the college-wide socials when they are available, but we are happy to connect with you a peer who also wants to attend the social.

Where can I go if I do not want to wander the campus?

There is a dedicated classroom for students in the CICE program. It is rare that it is being used for class, but it does happen. In this case, LFs will support students in finding alternative spaces to hang out in the college. Most days, there is LF support available from 8 am – 5 pm.

Can an LF help me structure my free time in between classes?
Yes, LFs can help you fill in the free time on your schedule by creating with you a daily routine to include some social activities, going to the gym, lunch etc.

What if I get in trouble on campus?

We expect CICE students to be respectful and professional on campus. If trouble arises you will be treated like every Mohawk College student. We will try to support you if you are struggling to maintain this. We will meet and discuss expectations and how to support you, but you are responsible for your behaviour on campus. Will my parents/ supports find out? As an adult, we do not have permission to go to your family and supports without your consent.

Do we ever go off campus?
Yes, there are some outings that are integrated into our courses and optional social activities off campus.

Do we have CICE parties?

Yes! In CICE, we love to host parties and celebrate the holidays! Usually we celebrate with music, dancing, potlucks etc. If you like to be involved but do not want to be in a loud or crowded room, we always have a second classroom available for quiet and themed activities

Staying Informed and Connected  

CICE Facebook: We have a Facebook page where we share many photos of the activities happening on campus and within CICE.
MyCanvas: We have a community page for each cohort that we post important information and social activities.
Alumni: Alumni play a significant role in our program – they often offer leadership to current students.

Can I return to hang out after I graduate?

You are a graduate of Mohawk and as such, can come back for visits but not linger. Remembering that the college is for learning and work. All rules about behavior conduct on-campus apply and if abused, you could be banned. There are many opportunities for students to offer leadership to current students through clubs (follow the club leader process), speaking engagements (courses, intake, orientation) program review, and program advisory committees. CICE also tries to host a current student, and alumni and support picnic, and Mohawk College runs alumni events as well.

What supports does CICE offer once I graduate?

We often support (but not required to) students who are not settled with their post-CICE plans by consulting and conversations with them and their supports after they have left CICE. We support students with getting organized with Mohawk College wide supports if they have transitioned or thinking about transitioning to another college program as well.