Bachelor of Technology Partnership: Combined Degree/Diploma Program

Business Management Certificate
Ontario College Advanced Diploma
Four years or more
Earn a university degree, a college advanced diploma, a certificate in business management, and twelve months of work experience in four and a half years.


  • The BTech program positions you to be at the forefront of change in engineering industries. With a unique blend of theory and practice, students spend more than 750 hours in lab settings applying engineering principles to develop innovative technical solutions. Guided by industry advisory committees and taught by professors with relevant experience, each of the three BTech streams is geared to tackle technological change head-on.
  • Bachelor of Technology Partnership: Combined Degree/Diploma Program


  • McMaster University, McMaster Automotive Resource Centre (MARC)
  • Mohawk Fennell Campus

Program Highlights

  • Choose your stream
  • 12-months of required co-op allows students to hit the ground running in their career after graduation. Students can complete co-op anywhere in the world!
  • With 25 per cent of the curriculum devoted to management courses, graduates lead by example on a technical level, while also leading strategy and building business in corporate boardrooms. Management courses help you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become effective project leaders, supervisors and managers within changing professional environments.
  • Average class sizes of 40-60 students means more interaction with your professors and a close-knit student community.

What you'll learn

  • Automation Engineering Technology
    • The Automation Engineering Technology program prepares students to build complex electronic systems that create solutions to everyday problems. By teaching skills from the fields of chemical, mechanical, electrical and computer engineering, graduates can easily transition between industries. From robotics to food processing — wherever you might find an automatic system that uses sensors, instruments, actuators, and networks — you will find a role suitable for a skilled automation specialist. Choose the Smart Systems stream option for new courses in Smart Engineering Technology.
  • Automotive & Vehicle Engineering Technology
    • The Automotive and Vehicle Engineering Technology program teaches students to make vehicles safer, faster, cleaner and more sustainable. Students are taught with a systems perspective blending various engineering disciplines such as: mechanical, electrical, computer science, mechatronics and materials. Students develop hands-on skills on 3D CAD modeling, robot programming, controller tuning, electric/hybrid vehicle design, vibration control, troubleshooting and manufacturing.
  • Biotechnology
    • Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary field merging basic science, applied science and engineering. Study genetic engineering; cell biology, molecular biology and microbiology; analytical instrumentation; and bioprocessing. Students learn about the latest research in immunology, virology, genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics. With the combination of theoretical foundation and lab experience, you will be prepared for success in areas in genetic engineering and bioprocessing.

Program Length

  • 4 and a half academic years, co-op included

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Program delivery

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For admission, we require 6 grade 12 U/M courses including:

  • English (ENG4U)
  • Calculus (MCV4U)
  • Chemistry (SCH4U)
  • Physics (SPH4U)

The minimum anticipated admission average is 80%

Not an Ontario high school student? Email thinkeng [at] (thinkeng[at]mcmaster[dot]ca) for details on international or transfer student admission requirements.

Visit McMaster University’s English Proficiency Requirements

Apply Now

Visit the OUAC to apply to each program

  • Automation Engineering Technology: MPT
  • Automotive & Vehicle Engineering Technology: MAT
  • Biotechnology: MTT

Course Overview & Descriptions

For information about the program of studies, visit the B.Tech. website.

Experiential Learning

How you’ll gain skills

  • State-of-the-art software used to identify, formulate, analyze, and solve problems.
  • Spend 750+ hours in the lab applying engineering theory.
  • Co-op work terms provide meaningful work experience and opportunities to make career connections.
  • Students are taught in a world-class "Learning Factory", that simulates the factory of tomorrow.

Career Opportunities

Your future career options

  • Automation Engineering Technology
    • Use hardware and software to improve the efficiency of plants and labs
    • Design control systems and assembly lines
    • Develop and program robotics
  • Automotive & Vehicle Engineering Technology
    • Develop hybrid and green vehicle technologies
    • Design power and control systems, engines and bodies
    • Perform complex analysis on mechanical components, assemblies and systems
  • Biotechnology
    • Work in bio-fuel, food and pharmaceutical industries
    • Monitoring quality control and assurance of biomaterials and bioproducts
    • Work in bioinformatics, genetic and protein engineering, nanobiotechnology and bioremediation

Top Employers

Opportunities for grads

  • See Future Graduate Students for graduate-level study opportunities at McMaster University; Many B.Tech. alumni have gone on to complete graduate studies
  • The Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO) recently announced new application regulations for the P.Eng. designation coming into effect on July 1, 2023. The new rules exclude McMaster B.Tech. graduates from the application process. McMaster Engineering is working with the PEO in an attempt to maintain the previously approved pathways for our students described below. Please check back for updates. We apologize for any concerns and thank you for your patience.

Educational Pathways


Pathways beyond Mohawk

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Canadian Domestic Students

Fennell Campus (FF)
Sep 2024
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