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Mohawk College has transfer agreements with a long list of colleges and universities, both in Ontario and around the world. But, those aren’t the only options available to continue your studies! Search the links below to find where else you can go next. (within Ontario)

Visit the Program Transfers database (opens new window) for opportunities at other colleges and universities within Ontario, including general transfer policy and informal pathways.

Multi-College Pathways (within Ontario)

Ontario College graduates who meet the eligibility criteria may participate in these multi-college pathways.


Additional pathways may be available. Please check with the institutions directly for more information.

Mohawk Transfer Database (Beyond Ontario)

Visit the Mohawk Transfer Database (opens new window) for formal articulation agreements and pathways outside of Ontario. Details may be viewed by program or by receiving institution.

We make every effort to ensure all the information here is accurate but changes can occur without notice and students are always advised to check with the destination or receiving school to confirm these agreements.