Student Success Advisors

How we help

Academic and Program Advising:

  • Initial advice on course selection; changing programs; withdrawals
  • Referrals to Program Coordinator for program specific advising
  • Information about Academic Status, program pathways, transfers
  • Create Academic Improvement and Success Plans

Student Support Services:

  • Referrals to specialized support services
  • Guidance on college policies and procedures
  • Support transition to college life

Flexible advising:

  • Get Set for September sessions
  • Via e-mail, drop-in or scheduled appointments
  • In person, in groups, in workshops, online or over the phone

Find your Program's Student Success Advisor

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David Waddington

David Waddington
Manager, Career & Student Success Advising
Phone: 905-575-1212 ext. 4368

Fennell Campus - Room: F116, MCACES Resource Centre


Kara Kemp

Kara Kemp
Student Success Coach (part-time)
Phone: 905-575-2743

Fennell campus - Room: F114C, MCACES Resource Centre


Kimberly Black

Kimberly Black
Student Success Coach (part-time)
Phone: 905-575-1212 ext. 4558

Fennell campus - Room: F114C, MCACES Resource Centre

Business Programs - Fennell Campus

pat pollington

Pat Pollington
To book an appointment, please call 905-575-2005
Phone: 905-575-2732

Fennell Campus - Room: M wing

Engineering Technology - Fennell Campus

lorraine skuse

Lorraine Skuse
To book an appointment, please call 905-575-2151
Phone: 905-575-2734

Fennell Campus - Room: Q103 (Q wing portable)

Human Services - Fennell Campus

tracey richardson

Tracey Richardson
To book an appointment please call 905-575-2149
Phone: 905-575-2345

Fennell Campus - Room: A226

Media and Entertainment - Fennell Campus

susan peniuk

Susan Peniuk
Phone: 905-575-2733

Fennell Campus - Room: F114

Justice and Wellness Studies

donna drywood

Donna Drywood
Phone: 905-575-2183

Fennell Campus - Room: C022

Liberal Studies

Hayley Hopkins
Phone: 905-575-1212, ext. 3547

Fennell Campus - Room F175

Health Sciences

blair goodman

Blair Goodman
Phone: 905-575-1212, ext. 6137

Institute for Applied Health Sciences at McMaster - Room 134

Stoney Creek Campus

jessica vanhooren

Jessica Vanhooren
Phone: 905-575-1212 ext. 5031

Stoney Creek Campus – Room: A112

Continuing Education

sally simpson

Sally Simpson
CE Career and Student Success Coach, MCACES Resource Centre
Phone: 905-575-1212, ext. 3010

Fennell Campus - Room: F116 - MCACES Resource Centre


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