BScN Student Fees FAQ


What information is on my fee statement?

Your fee statement is a pre-bill sent prior to each academic year of study. Your fee statement will assist you with planning your payment options and managing fee due dates to ensure you are able to register though Mosaic.

Your pre-bill fee statement does not reflect actual charges placed on your account. Your account balance on MyMohawk will not indicate your charges or balance owing until Mohawk receives your units from McMaster.

If you are in Nursing - BScN (731) or RPN to BScN (755) Collaborative Nursing program streams with McMaster, your pre-bill fee statement reflects the assumed number of units as outlined below for your program and level as determined by McMaster for the academic year (September-April). Your fee statement for your level will be sent once McMaster confirms tuition and fees for the academic year. New students will begin to receive correspondence from Mohawk, including the fee statement, once McMaster confirms your admission. You are considered full-time if you register in 18 or more units in an academic year.

Basic (A) Stream (BScN) - Total 120 Units
Level 1 - 30 units
Level 2 - 29 units
Level 3 - 31 units
Level 4 - 30 units

RPN to BScN - Total 90 Units
Level 2 - 32 units
Level 3 - 28 units
Level 4 - 30 units

No fee statement is issued for the Summer term. Summer term course registrations are invoiced and due no later than May 31st.

Why do I need to pay a deposit?

A non-refundable tuition deposit for new and returning students is required once per academic year. A tuition deposit is a payment toward your fees that will appear on your account summary as a credit balance. There is no corresponding charges placed on your account until McMaster has provided your registration. A deposit is not an additional charge. Contact arbscn [at] (arbscn[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca) for support with your account balance.

Why am I charged a late fee?

You will be charged a late fee if you do not meet your payment deadlines as outlined on your fee statement including deposit and balance owing. A $150 late fee is assessed for each missed due date.

If you register in units in the Summer or have an outstanding balance, any deposit made toward the upcoming academic year may be applied to your Summer term balance. As a result you may incur a late fee on a Fall deposit payment. Contact arbscn [at] (arbscn[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca) for support with your account balance.

When does Mohawk bill me for my actual registered units?

Once Mohawk has received your Mosaic registration information from McMaster, you will be billed by Mohawk according to the actual number of units you select. For Fall/Winter students this occurs in August, and for Summer students this occurs in May.

What ancillary or supplementary fees are flat and what fees may be charged per unit?

Refer to the McMaster Undergraduate fees page for details on tuition per unit/level and McMaster supplementary fees (including Nursing specific) if not full-time. The following Mohawk compulsory ancillary fees are charged per unit when you are part-time. Mohawk pre-placement fees are not pro-rated.

Academic Supports: Academic and Learning Supports
Academic Supports: Technology Enhancement
Athletics and Recreation
Campus Safety
Career Services
Financial Aid Programs and Supports
Health and Counselling
Student Buildings: MSA Capital Maintenance

The Health and Dental and Universal Transit Pass (HSR) are not charged to part-time students.

What classifies a student as being full-time in the summer term?

Students taking 9 (nine) units or more are considered full-time. Students taking fewer than 9 (nine) units are considered part-time are charged tuition per unit in addition to Mohawk ancillary and McMaster supplementary fees. Some ancillary and supplementary fees are charged per unit as per fees charged per unit noted and referenced above.

Why am I paying in-person fees like Athletics and Recreation if I am only taking a remote (online) course?

Mohawk compulsory ancillary fees and McMaster supplementary fees are charged in each term. With the exception of the Health and Dental fee operated by the Mohawk Students Association (MSA), Mohawk fees are not refundable regardless of program delivery (in person, remote, hybrid) or whether students elect to use them or not. Ancillary and supplementary fees support services and resources offered to students by both institutions.

Refer to the Compulsory Ancillary Fees page for more details on Mohawk's ancillary fees and the services and resources they support. Refer to McMaster's Undergraduate fees page for information on McMaster supplementary fees and Nursing supplementary fees.

Why am I billed ancillary and supplementary fees in the Summer term if I am only taking electives?

Tuition, Mohawk ancillary fees, and McMaster supplementary fees are charged in each term attended. They are not adjusted or offset in future terms. If you take courses in the Summer or complete your program over a protracted duration, you are subject to tuition, ancillary, and supplementary fees in each term which may increase the total cost of the program.

Why am still billed for a class that I dropped?

Mohawk follows McMaster's cancellation schedule.