Embracing the journey of changing directions

Belly, a student in the Business – Accounting program outside the Fennell Campus

When you’re at a fork in the road and need to make an important decision about your future, it can be easy to convince yourself that whatever choice you make is permanent. However, changing paths may be easier than you think.

Belly outside the Fennell CampusBelly, a student in the Business – Accounting program at Mohawk College, recently discovered this firsthand when he wanted to transfer out of his Business – Marketing program. “When I first enrolled, I was thinking of marketing. Then I decided to check out the accounting program, and realized that this is really for me,” said Belly. “My dream is to be a Chartered Public Accountant (CPA). That's why I decided to transfer from marketing to accounting.”

Since joining the program, Belly has been thrilled with his classes and how his program is bringing him closer towards his dream. “I think the quality of education that we have here is very compact. The facilities that we have here are very nice. We have great professors who were CPAs, and very credible ones,” said Belly. “What they teach is realistic because they have relevant experience. It's not just a professor or just a book, they’ve lived it. It’s much more effective for the students.”

Past lessons, future learning

Belly discovered he wanted to transfer after getting a feel for accounting through the business marketing program. “In the first semester, it's like a taste of everything. We have marketing, we have insurance, and from there, it's not hard for me to transfer to accounting because this is what I really want,” said Belly.

While Belly has moved on from his time in the Business - Marketing program, he feels that it was an important part of his journey that helped him get one step closer to his true goal. “Having these foundation courses gave me a clear vision of which career path I want to pursue,” said Belly. “Now, I am in my second year, enjoying being an accounting student, and looking forward to becoming a Mohawk Alumni.”

Pathways beyond Mohawk

When Belly changed directions and found his new path, he knew it was the right fit for him. What he didn’t know was how many opportunities he would create by taking a leap and following his dreams. After experiencing how easy it was to transfer programs, Belly has been looking to the Belly inside the Fennell Campus looking over a railing future and exploring pathways to earn a university degree, as well as his college diploma. 

Mohawk College offers pathways beyond Mohawk for graduates from certain programs to enter partnered universities and receive credits in the university program. 

“The goal for me is to be a CPA. That's why I'm planning to continue my studies in university,” said Belly. “I'm just thinking of which university that I want to continue because I'm looking for a school or university where I can transfer my credits.”

Change today, Future Ready tomorrow

As Belly draws closer to achieving his dream, he couldn’t help but share advice with students who may still be on the fence about deciding if they should start something new.

“I think if someone is not really sure about what program they want, speaking to an Outreach and Education advisor is very important because they can help you to identify your strengths. What are your interests? What are your goals? And from there, they can help you to choose which program is the right fit for you.”

Belly was brave enough to embrace change and choose a direction in life. In doing so, not only has he found himself, but he’s found a rewarding road that can lead him to his dreams. Belly looked to the future to make his choice, and when his future self looks back, he’ll be grate he took that first step on a new path.