How Pierrette is preparing for entrepreneurship

Pierrette in a Mohawk College hoodie standing in Mohawk College's Joyce Centre for Partnership and Innovation

Being an entrepreneur demands a busy schedule, and so does taking care of a family. Pierrette does both every day, so when she decided she wanted to go back to school, she knew she needed a program she could complete quickly that fits into her schedule. 

Pierrette decided the flexibility offered by the Online Business (General) Diploma program at Mohawk College would be the perfect match for her needs. “I can make my own schedule. It's flexible. It just makes sense,” she says. “I feel like I'm able to accomplish so much and to get myself moving forward in a direction that I want to go, in a way that works for me. What makes the online Business program such a good fit for me is while I'm working and taking care of a family, I'm able to get a diploma.” 

A graduate from the Tourism program at Mohawk College, Pierrette chose to study at Mohawk again because of her past experience at the college. “I love Mohawk. When I completed the Tourism program, I felt equipped to work in the tourism industry,” says Pierrette. “I find that Mohawk makes you ready to walk onto the job site. There wasn't a question of where I would learn, it was, ‘what course am I going to take?’” 

Her goal is to learn valuable skills that will help her next business to flourish. “I'm interested in starting my own business. I've had a failed attempt at running my own business, so I’m looking to further my knowledge in the business sector,” says Pierrette. “I found that I was lacking in the marketing department, and that math courses would help me to make wiser decisions about finances. What I’ve learned so far has given me knowledge about some of the things I should and shouldn't do. I feel like it's equipping me to run my business successfully.” 

Having spent some time in the program, Pierrette believes Fast Track learning is an excellent option for anyone who wants a streamlined learning experience. “I would absolutely recommend it. You start in January, and you earn a two-year diploma in less than a year and a half,” she says. 

Looking forward to the future, Pierrette already has plans for her next business venture. “When I've completed this program, I'm planning to start my own business,” she says. “I feel well equipped from this program to start my new adventure.” 

Pierrette has important advice to share with new students in the Business program. “Try to attend all the classes,” she says. “If you can’t make it to class, go back and watch them, they're all available online and try to stay on top of the homework.” 

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