Popping up the flavorful fun on campus!

Bags of popcorn

By Calum Smethurst, 3rd year Journalism student 

If you’ve ever been to an event at Mohawk, you’ll be familiar with one of the college’s favourite party tools: the popcorn machines. Faculty and students alike can be found lining up whenever one of the college’s machines appears at Open House, orientation, or LAN parties to grab a free bag of salty snacks.

“It makes it more memorable,” said Noche Martorillas, a student in International Business Management - Product Management. “It makes the whole thing more of an experience, it’s awesome.”

Helper giving out popcorn on campusNoche isn’t the only student who’s excited about finding a fresh snack on campus.

“I hope that they do this again,” Mel Caboulles said at a popcorn social event at the Learning Support Centre. “If they do this every week, I would show up for that!”

Popping up at both small social gatherings and large, college-wide events, the popcorn machines tempt attendees with the irresistible smell of butter and salt, providing a hub for students to connect with their professors and peers in a relaxed and fun environment.

Andrea Brienesse, an Events Coordinator with Student Life, shared a kernel of truth about the popcorn machines. “We find that students are highly engaged and attracted to us when we run the machines,” she said. “We use the popcorn machine during events where we want to draw in students to get involved in activities. We try to make our programming equally as engaging as the popcorn giveaways!”

Keep an eye on the Events Calendar at Mohawk College for your next chance to get your hands on a bag of perfectly popped puffy popcorn!

Student Life houses five popcorn machines across three of Mohawk’s campuses, with IAHS and Stoney Creek campuses having one each while the other three live at the Fennell campus.