Program Review

Program Review is a key Mohawk College strategy to address quality, innovation, and excellence.

The College’s Strategic Plan and Strategic Mandate Agreement reinforce the value of Program Review as a key continuous improvement strategy to achieve student success and maintain strong foundations. Program Review at Mohawk College ensures that the content and delivery of academic programs continue to be responsive, current, and relevant.

Program Review is facilitated by the Academic Quality office and guided by the Program Quality Policy (Download opens as PDF, 1.9 MB)

The Mohawk College Quality Assurance Process includes two phases:

  • Comprehensive Program Review – conducted on a five-year schedule, and
  • Annual Review

For further details on Program Review check out the Program Review Handbook (Download opens as PDF, 5.2 MB) and the information provided below.

Contact the mandira.raha [at] (subject: AQ%20Website%20%7C%20Program%20Review%20Inquiry) (Program Review Coordinator) for further details.

Comprehensive Program Review (5 years)

  • To analyze program quality and effectiveness using environmental scan data, and feedback from relevant stakeholders.
  • To assess the program in-depth against established quality standards and industry trends.
  • To establish recommendations and actions to bring about program improvement and sustainability for the subsequent five years.

More about Comprehensive Program Review

Comprehensive Program Review is a recurring program quality review process that is conducted every five years according to established processes and criteria for all programs offered by the college. An extensive and methodical Comprehensive Program Review evaluates each program against the program quality standards and industry trends with the intent for program improvement. It provides program area faculty the opportunity to reflect on the accomplishments, challenges, and overall effectiveness of the program they represent.

The Comprehensive Program Review final report represents the culmination of a scientific process used to capture major findings about the program that includes recommendations for improvement and action strategies for implementation

For further details on Comprehensive Program Review check out the Program Review Handbook (Download opens as PDF, 5.2 MB) and the Comprehensive Program Review MyCanvas Course

Comprehensive Review Process

  Comprehensive Program Review is a five (5)-stage process and is estimated to be covered over a twelve (12) month period, involving several internal and external stakeholders. These five steps are – Orientation, Data Collection, Analysis, Report Submission, and External Verification culminating in a final report.


Comprehensive Review 5 Stage Process Graphic-Updated.jpg

The Program Review Handbook (Download opens as PDF, 5.2 MB) and the Comprehensive Program Review MyCanvas Course provides further details regarding the above mentioned 5 stages of the process.


An accessible version of the Comprehensive Review 5 Stage Process is available here (WORD) 

Comprehensive Review Schedule

To request the Comprehensive Review Schedule, please academic.quality [at] (subject: Comprehensive%20Review%20Schedule) (email Academic Quality)


Annual Program Review

Complete an Annual Program Review (in tandem with Curriculum Committees):

  • To put into effect, and/or account for the status of, action plans identified in the Comprehensive Program Review process.
  • To assess any new Program Standards released by the Ministry, revise the program curriculum, and update the program of studies as necessary following the College’s POS change process.
  • To provide recommendations for enhancements and or amendments to the program and course outlines, in accordance with Ministry and college policies.

More about Annual Program Review

Guided by the Program Quality Policy, the College is committed to academic programming excellence to keep pace with demographic shifts, changing employments trends, global competition, and student & employer needs.

Annual Program Review allows examining, restructuring, reorganizing, and enhancing academic programs based on the College’s strategic directions, feedback from faculty on the curriculum committees, advisory committee members and students, and analysis of supporting data collected from various sources including finance, institutional research and corporate reporting.

The Annual Program Review may include the following:

  • Review of the program curriculum
  • Updates to the program of studies (POS) as necessary.
  • Addition or deletion of courses
  • Changes in course title, duration or scope
  • Changes in pre-requisites or equivalencies.

Curriculum Committees

Curriculum committees play a crucial role in the continuous improvement of Mohawk programs through shared ownership for the quality of curriculum, teaching strategies and student assessment methodologies. These committees also assist the college to ensure that the highest quality is consistently maintained in academic offerings, thereby fulfilling all Ministry, college, and program accreditation requirements.  During the Annual Program Review process, the curriculum committees provide recommendations for enhancements and or amendments to program and course outlines, in accordance with Ministry and college policies. These changes often follow the college’s POS change process.

Curriculum Committees are guided by standardized Curriculum Committee Terms of Reference (Download opens as PDF, 245 KB)

Annual Review Process

The Annual Program Review process is implemented through the work of the Curriculum Committees and managed by the Academic Quality team for every program offered by the college. This increases the frequency and structure of program review.

At the end of each Comprehensive Program Review cycle, the Academic Quality team updates a progress document, that is used for follow up and reporting on the status of applicable recommendations and action items from the Comprehensive Program Reviews. Timely completion of these action items is accomplished through Curriculum Committees and culminates in an Annual Program Area Report.

Comprehensive Program Review Reports

To request Comprehensive Program Review Reports, please academic.quality [at] (subject: Request%20for%20Comprehensive%20Program%20Review%20Report) (email Academic Quality)

Annual Program Review Reports

All Annual Program Review Reports are retained by the respective Program areas. 

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