Pathways Development

The pathways services at Mohawk help students to continue moving forward with their studies.

Our policies and processes aim to make the transition from credential to credential as easy as possible.  

Student success is Mohawk’s mission and passion. To improve student outcomes and support the college’s recruiting and growth strategies, we are committed to providing more pathways to a broader range of credentials.

The Pathways Office at Mohawk College is guided by the following policies:

Pathways for Academic Areas

The Pathways office supports academic areas with:

  • Developing and Maintaining articulation agreements, both sending and receiving
  • Accessing resources for decision making
  • Mapping internal pathways from program to program within Mohawk
  • Managing funded pathways projects
  • Promoting pathways to current and prospective students

See below for all the faculty and staff resources.

Pathways for Students

The Pathways office supports students with:

  • Pathways into, within, and beyond Mohawk
  • Exemptions and credit transfer inquiries
  • Prior learning assessment and recognition
  • Degree completion pathways
  • Exploring opportunities for transfer

Access all the resources for students on the Pathways and Credit Transfer website

What are Pathways?

Pathways are the various routes that students travel to move from program to program, credential to credential, or institution to institution. There are many pathways into, within, and beyond Mohawk. Ideally, students should not be required to repeat learning from previous postsecondary studies as they move through their educational pathway.

Infographic chart of pathways available

Apprenticeship In-class component
Ontario College Certificate One year - Certificate
Ontario College Diploma Two year - Diploma
Ontario College Advanced Diploma Three year - Diploma
Ontario College Graduate Certificate One year - Post-Diploma Certificate
Degree Four year - Degree

The graph above depicts a pathway from apprenticeship to degree. An accessible version of the Credential Design for Apprenticeship to Degree is available here (Opens Word file). 

Credentials offered at Mohawk Description of all credential levels offered at Mohawk College
Ontario Qualifications Framework Ministry descriptions for each credential level available in Ontario.

Pathways Process for Academic Areas

Sending Pathways (Word Doc) An accessible version of the Articulation Agreement Development Process Chart - Sending Pathways is available here (Opens Word file).
Receiving Pathways (Coming Soon) An accessible version of the Articulation Agreement Development Process Chart - Receiving Pathways (Coming Soon)

Pathways Forms, Templates and Reports

Current Pathways Report

(Sending and Receiving)

An up to date listing of all formal pathways agreements. Single Sign-on access only.

Articulation Agreement Request Forms

Internal Request Form

External Request Form

For partner institutions or internal academic areas.

Articulation Agreement Development Template

(Coming Soon)

For internal academic areas.
Course Outline Access COMMS self-service link for partner institutions.

Pathways Resources

Mohawk Pathways and Credit Transfer All Mohawk's Pathways resources in one convenient place
Contact a Mohawk Transfer Advisor Student Inquiry Form
Course Outline Access Instructions for students
Mohawk Transfer Database Search for credit transfer agreements outside of Ontario Learn how to transfer courses and program among Ontario's Colleges and Universities
Search Transfer Guides Search for course transfers and program transfers in Ontario
Search for Program Transfers Search for college to university transfer pathways in Ontario

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