Sexual Health Week

Condoms, birth control, condoms, and a needle.
Nov 06

Sexual Health Week aims to help Mohawk students improve your well-being by learning about and fostering a culture of safer sexual and reproductive health practices and relationships. This week will promote strategies, supports and services aimed to improving your sexual health! Join us for Sexual Health Week as we explore: sexually transmitted infections, contraception and barrier methods, healthy relationships, consent, and more! 

Monday, November 6th

Wheel of STIs

Spin the wheel of STIs and test your knowledge on sexually transmitted infections! Pick up sexual health resources and safer sex kits.

MCACES Learning Link


11am - 2pm

Wednesday, November 8th

Pee for Pizza

Did you know that most sexually transmitted infections go unnoticed because they don't have any symptoms? Drop by for a routine STI test and get a FREE slice of pizza and a chance to take home a number of prizes! No health card is required. Just drop by.

The MSA Heath Study Lounge (G010)


10am - 3pm


Consent Booth

Help us create a consent culture on campus. Stop by the consent booth and learn more about consent with the Gender-Based Violence Peer Educator.

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10am - 2pm

Thursday, November 9th

Contraception: Which Method is Right for Me?

Finding the right form of contraception can be confusing and daunting, especially since there are many effective options available for people with a uterus. Join Nurse Ally for a drop-in information session and explore the pros and cons to find the best birth control method for you. Plus, we'll uncover common myths and facts you may have heard related to contraceptive use.

The Health & Wellness Centre (C109)




Canvas, Consent & Cookies!

Paint your own canvas and enjoy some cookies, while learning about consent & healthy relationships!

Social Inc. (F114)




Relationships Reality

Improve your relationship with yourself, with others and the world around you. In this wellness skills program learn strategies to improve relationships and discuss how nuturing positive relationships in your life can improve your ability to learn and succeed. 




Details on how to register online:

  • Select "Patient" from the main menu
  • Have you accessed services at the HWC before? Select "Yes" and login or select "No". 
  • Click "Counselling - Personal/Mental Health Counselling"
  • Select "Group Visit"
  • Select "Relationships Reality" with the desired time from the menu. Enter required information if a new user to complete registration.

The Health & Wellness Centre (C109)


4pm - 5pm

Friday, November 10th


This isn't your regular game of tic-tac-toe. Challenge your peers at our booth and attempt to get three in a row! Answer questions correctly from a number of topics on sexual and reproductive health to place your piece on the square. First player to get three in a row wins! Resources will be available for all students.

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12pm - 2pm

All Week Long

Sex in the Dark

Submit your questions about sex, sexual and reproductive health, relationships, and more with the Health & Wellness Centre's new online platform. Questions are totally annonymous and answered by experts on sexual health from the HWC. Answers will be posted on the HWC's Instagram page (@connect2wellnessatmohawk), so make sure you are following!


Submit your questions


Sex in the Dark Cart - Contest

Spot the HWC's peer health promoters (care crew) with the "Sex in the Dark Cart" around campus. Take a picture with the care crew and tag us (@connect2wellnessatmohawk) in your Instagram story for a chance to win a gift card giveaway!

Around campus

Sexual Health Information for Students

Keep an eye out for sexual health infromation, resources, tips and quizzes on Instagram (@connect2wellnessatmohawk) all week long!


Questions about Sexual Health Week? Email us at hwc [at] (hwc[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca).



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The Health & Wellness Centre - C109
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