Online Learning FAQ

How do I register for a course?

You can register for any online learning course using the same methods available for other course registrations: web, fax, mail, in-person. Registration for most online learning courses can be done up to 6 calendar days after the course start date - some exceptions apply. For more information about registration, visit our How to Register web page. Please note that if you register late, you are still bound by the existing withdrawal deadlines. Please see withdrawal and refund policies below.

Where do I find/get my student number?

You receive a student number when you register. Your student number can be found on your Acknowledgement of Registration/Student Account. If you have misplaced your Acknowledgement and need your student number, please contact The Square at 1-844-767-6871.

When are the courses offered?

Terms begin in January, May and September. There are also monthly intakes for a variety of courses. Browse our current catalogue or Find a course web pages to find course details.

What is the meaning of the number of hours given for each course?

The number of hours shown are “equivalent to classroom hours”. Thus, the workload for a 39 hour online learning course would be about the same as if you took a course through traditional classroom delivery, that is offered 3 hours per week for 13 weeks. A guideline for student workload is 5-10 hours per week per course.

How many courses can I take per term?

You can take as many courses as you want each term. However, if you are working and/or have a family, we recommend you start with one or two courses. Then you will get a sense of the workload and your individual situation.

What are the computer requirements for courses which use a computer-based delivery mode?

You will need regular access to a computer with an Internet connection. High speed broadband access (LAN, Cable or DSL) is highly recommended for the optimal learning experience. Some courses have more advanced system requirements.

  • PC: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.  Web Browser: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer 10 or higher.
  • Mac: OS X.  Web Browser: Firefox, Chrome or Safari.


  • Individual courses may have additional software requirements. This may include video or audio playing software or a specific software application.
  • Most courses require word processing software.
  • In some instances, it may be necessary for some users to upgrade their Flash or Java versions.

Other Devices

Depending on the learning management system being used to deliver your course, you may access and interact with most course elements, readings, multimedia, email and discussions though tablets and smartphones. While tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices may allow for some completion of coursework, they are not guaranteed to work in all areas. Please ensure you have a PC or Mac based computer available to complete course work. We recommend that students do not attempt quizzes when using a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, due to compatibility issues.

Web Browser

A graphical browser is required. In some instances, it may be necessary for some users to upgrade their web browser programs.


Depending on the learning management system being used to deliver your course, you may be assigned an email account that is accessed within your course or you may be required to use your personal email account.

What if I don't have access to a computer?

At a Contact North center, you have free access to elearning workstations and high-speed Internet. In addition, each center is staffed with a specially trained Contact North Coordinator to assist you in researching program and course options, registration information, funding options, scheduling and with using the technology. Visit (opens in new window) and learn more about their services and locations.

How do I get in touch with my instructor?

All courses allow you to communicate with your instructor by email. Please do not hesitate to contact your instructor with any problems. There is no such thing as a dumb question! Your instructor is paid to assist you and will be happy to respond.

I emailed my instructor but I haven't heard back

Instructors check their email regularly and should respond within 48 hours. If your instructor has not contacted you after 48 hours please contact your Continuing Education Office.

Do I have to be online at a certain time?

Online learning allows you the flexibility to be online any day at any time. Please note there are a few courses that have scheduled chats.

How long do I have to complete a course?

Studying through online learning allows you the ability to flexibly schedule your course work, in line with the scheduled activities/requirements of the course. Please note, however, that all courses have scheduled start and end dates and it is your responsibility to ensure that all course work has been completed by the end date.

What if I miss a week from my course?

If you are planning to miss a week from your course, please contact your instructor as early as possible.

How long should I work on my course?

We recommend you work 5-10 hours/week per course.

What is the passing grade at Mohawk College?

The College uses a percentage grading system of 1 to 100%, and the course passing grade is 50%. Graduation requires a weighted grade point average of 60% subject to the rules outlined in the Program Promotion and Graduation Requirements Policy AC700.  Some courses/programs may have different requirements.

How do I receive my final grade?

As soon as grades are finalized by the Records Office, you can view them through MyMohawk. You can also change your address, view your financial transactions ... and so much more! A username and password are required - these will be supplied on your Acknowledgement of Registration Form.

I need an official transcript; where can I get one?

Visit Transcripts for more information.

How do I get my certificate when I've completed all of the required courses?

When you have completed all required courses in the certificate you should apply for your certificate. Click here to access information on Convocation/Graduation and requesting your certificate.

Can a course taken through Online Learning be applied toward a CE Certificate program or a full-time Diploma program?

Yes, as long as the course content and course code matches the program of study requirements. If the course code is different, you should check with the appropriate department to ensure the courses are equivalent.

How can I withdraw from a course? What is the refund policy?

  • Student-initiated refund requests will only be accepted up to six calendar days after the official course start date. A $20 College administrative fee is non-refundable. REFUNDS CANNOT BE ISSUED AFTER 6 CALENDAR DAYS.
  • You may download, complete and submit the Student Change Form (opens PDF, 82 KB) or withdraw online.
  • In order to be eligible for official withdrawal status only, you must withdraw a minimum of 10 days prior to the course end date.
  • To transfer within a semester, contact your Continuing Education Office. TRANSFERS ARE ONLY ALLOWED WITHIN SIX CALENDAR DAYS OF THE OFFICIAL COURSE START DATE.
  • For the Textbook Refund Policy, please refer to your receipt and/or information located on the Campus Store website.