Studying for Success: Virtual Learning 101

studying with video online lesson at home

By Nicteha Rico Arellano | Learning Support Centre Student Success Mentor

By now, we’ve all been remote learning for a while, and although I feel like an expert knowing almost all the Zoom features and learning more about MyCanvas, I sometimes find myself forgetting due dates, meetings, or assignments. Just because all the courses are virtual, doesn’t mean that they are easier! It can be much more stressful and complicated than our previous in-person classes.

If you are as forgetful as I am, these tips will definitely help you improve your performance in the virtual learning environment:

  1. Read your course outline and learning plan

    At the beginning of the semester there is uncertainty about books, grades, expectations, and so on. Checking out your course and learning plan is a great way to start! I always write down all important dates, such as assignments, quizzes, midterms, or due dates, on my calendar or agenda. This way I won’t feel pressured or so overwhelmed, because I know what to expect in the upcoming weeks.

  2. Review assignments and activities due each week

    There is always a point in the semester when it seems that every professor assigned the same exact due date for your big project. Check out for those weekly reminders and emails from your professors, and even if they don’t send anything, review all activities due per week. An awesome feature on Canvas is the to-do list; I love it because it allows me to keep track of the things I’ve done or the things I’m missing. Canvas also has a cool calendar where you can cross out the assignments you’ve already submitted.

  3. Log into your course everyday

    It is very common to forget a lot of the things you see in class, including announcements, important dates and even the whole lecture. That’s why I log into my courses everyday, and after a while, it becomes a habit. I find myself connecting more with my professors and classmates. So, keep an eye on MyCanvas!

Now that I’ve shared all my winning tips with you, let’s get to work!

For more information and tips to help you succeed, check out Keys to Success or consider booking an appointment with me or the other Student Success Mentors!