The Indigenous Gathering Place (IGP)

The Indigenous Gathering Place
The Indigenous Gathering Place (IGP) honours Aboriginal traditions and promotes First Nations, Metis and Inuit culture. It welcomes people of all backgrounds, beliefs and ages into an inclusive circle to celebrate Mohawk College’s diverse population.

The Indigenous Gathering Place along with the Wampum Belt Wall are results of meaningful community engagement with the Aboriginal community and a part of an over-arching strategy to formalize partnerships in a Two Row approach. Mohawk College believes the IGP is essential to strengthening relationships with the local Aboriginal Community. 

This landmark is comprised of four elements: an open-air pavilion, a fire circle, a water garden and a traditional garden.  The IGP is inspired by the Aboriginal concepts of inclusiveness, the sun and moon calendars, the Medicine Wheel, and the creation story. This site will afford views from surrounding buildings and seating will accommodate 60+ people. The Hoop Dance will serve as a venue for traditional ceremonies, a tool for teaching, a place to meditate or quietly study.  

The Indigenous Gathering Place is located in the terraced courtyard between H-Wing and A-Wing.

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Phone: 905-575-1212, ext. 3428
Email: hoopdance [at] (hoopdance[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca)

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Book the Hoop Dance

As an outdoor classroom, this space is available to the community, free of charge, for a variety of activities. Whether users hold strategic planning sessions, team building retreats, sunrise ceremonies or other peaceful and respectful gatherings, we encourage you to consider using the Hoop Dance gathering space.

Please contact us above to book the Hoop Dance.