Facilitated Admission Process

The Facilitated Admission Process for Indigenous Students (FNMI) gives individual consideration to Indigenous students applying to oversubscribed programs at Mohawk College.

As Indigenous communities continue self-determination advancements, a strong and diverse human resource base is key to realizing even greater positive change. The Facilitated Admission Process is designed to directly support diverse program participation of Indigenous students at Mohawk College. We believe our students can be successful in any program they choose and we are removing access barriers so that we will see increased numbers of Indigenous Graduates from all program areas at the College.

As part of this strategy, the Indigenous Student Services Team will continue to be there to offer support and provide opportunities for an enriched post-secondary experience. We at the College look forward to working with Indigenous communities and students as we together make the Facilitated Admission Process a great success.

Background Information

The purpose of the Facilitated Admission Process for Indigenous Students is to address the following issues:

  • Indigenous people often experience difficulties at the post secondary level due to academic preparedness
  • Labour market participation of the Indigenous population is not characteristic of the mainstream
  • Indigenous human resources are lacking in business, health care and other technology heavy occupations
  • Designated seats for Indigenous students can positively impact on increased participation in targeted post-secondary programs
  • A greater diversity of cultural perspective and experience in the student body serves to enrich the academic environment for all students

Admission Requirements

In considering application in this category, less weight will be given to background academic performance. Applicants in this category must meet the minimum entrance requirements of the program they are applying to; however, they do not have to meet the competitive grade point average of admitted students in the admission year. Admission requirements vary across post-secondary programs at Mohawk College.

Appeals of decision regarding this process are limited to the question of procedural regularity only. The merits of the decision will not be reviewed.

Application Process

Indigenous students applying to programs at Mohawk College who would like to participate in the Facilitated Admissions Process, should complete online Facilitated Admission Form and submit it to the indicated address. This form does not replace, or cannot be substituted for, any other application processes such as ontariocolleges.ca, OSAP or other funding applications.

To be considered for oversubscribed programs, applicants must apply by the equal consideration date for the term the program starts:

  • September intake: February 1
  • January intake: June 1
  • May intake: October 1

Applications received after the equal consideration date will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Any questions related to the "Request for Participation" form or the Facilitated Admission Process, should be directed to:

Abbey Daniel
Indigenous Outreach and Education Advisor
Phone: 905-575-1212 x 4453
Email: abbey.daniel [at] mohawkcollege.ca