Peer Tutoring

Course Peer Tutoring

Tutoring support for primarily first-year courses.

Book an Appointment

Guide: how to book an appointment


1:1 Appointments

Peer Tutors primarily support first-year subjects for students in 2 to 3-year diploma programs. Appointment times are subject to tutor availability

Book up to 4 hours per week

Drop-In & Open Labs

Free drop-in tutoring and open labs are available each term for a variety of programs and courses.

Sessions occur on a first come, first serve basis. You must sign-in at all sessions.


  • How to book an appointment
  • What to expect at a tutoring appointment
  • Preparing for your appointment
  • General FAQ


Drop-In & Open Lab Schedules

Fennell Campus

Weekly Drop-In Schedule (Fall 2022)

Times are subject to change without notice




CSAIT (First semester Computer Engineering Technician/Technology)

11:00am - 1:00pm


Electrical Engineering Technology & Mechatronic Systems

9:00am - 11:00am


CSAIT (First semester Computer Engineering Technician/Technology)

2:00pm - 3:00pm


Stoney Creek Campus

Weekly Drop-In Schedule (Fall 2022)

Times are subject to change without notice. 




YWCA Carpentry Math

11:00am - 12:00pm


Electrical Engineering Technician - Power 

10:00am - 1:00pm


YWCA Refrigeration Math



IAHS @ McMaster Campus

Weekly Drop-In Schedule (Fall 2022)

Times are subject to change without notice. 














Guidelines for Drop-In and Open Labs

  • Drop-in tutoring and open labs occur on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • You MUST sign in at all drop-in and open lab sessions.
  • Drop-in is subject to demand, we cannot guarantee you will be seen by a tutor.
  • These sessions are open for all students, this is not one-on-one tutoring.
  • You can complete work throughout drop-in sessions/open labs but a tutor cannot sit with you the whole time, as they have to assist other students. Please respect other students' time.
  • All tutoring must take place on campus.
  • If drop-in sessions fill up, a tutor may ask you to book a one-on-one appointment or refer you to other services.
  • Tutors WILL NOT do your homework or class assignments for you. You are responsible for your work and final grades.
  • Come prepared - bring any textbooks, notes, or other necessary materials.
  • If a tutor cancels their drop-in or open lab timeslot due to illness or extenuating circumstances (i.e. class change), a cancellation will be posted





How to Book an Appointment

1. Click "Book an Appointment."

  • If this is your first appointment, you must create a WC Online account (WC Online is used to book tutoring appointments).  
  • Click "Register for an account".
  • Enter your account information, and you will need a 10-digit password.  


2. Once logged into WC online you will select a schedule from the drop-down menu.

  • Schedules are filed under campus and appointment type. 


3. Select the course you want.

  • Select by course code from the "Limit To" drop-down menu.
  • Check if you are booking a virtual or in-person appointment.


4. Book an appointment on the schedule (white boxes are available for appointment booking)

  • A booking form will open. Fill out all the required details and click "Create Appointment"

  • Your appointment will appear in orange on the calendar.

  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail with the details of your appointment.

Please email LSC [at] or phone 905-575-1212 ext. 3279 if you need help creating an account, logging into your existing account, or booking an appointment. 

What to Expect at a Tutoring Appointment

Your Peer Tutor will be another student who has already taken the course and excelled. 

The Peer Tutor can answer your questions, guide you through confusing topics, and challenge you to practice questions to prepare for tests and exams. Peer tutors also listen to your concerns and help you develop stronger study methods to help you to succeed in your course. Peer Tutors can support you with:

  • Clarifying course content
  • Clarifying assignment questions
  • Preparing for presentations
  • Preparing for tests and exams
  • Providing study tips and strategies
  • Setting up your calculator and providing tips


Peer tutors will not do your homework, assignments, or MyCanvas quizzes. Tutoring is not a replacement for going to class.

Tutoring appointments are 50 minutes in duration.

Preparing for your Appointment

Before your appointment, review areas that are causing you difficulty. To start, review your course outline, homework, or class notes. Tutors will be helping you with the course you booked an appointment for; they will not support multiple courses in a single appointment.

When you come for your appointment

  • Arrive on time (tutors will only wait 15 minutes)

  • Bring your course materials, course outline, class notes, textbook or practice materials.

  • Be prepared with questions that you want to ask your tutor

  • Be open to discussing what is most difficult about the course


Do not skip class to come to tutoring. Your tutor will help you through your course content but cannot re-teach the material.

General FAQ

What if my course is not listed on the online booking site?

  • Contact us and let us know what course you need help with:
    Call: 905-575-1212 x 3279  |  Email: LSC [at] 
  • Every attempt will be made to match you with a tutor, but we cannot guarantee a tutor for every course offered at the College.

How many hours of FREE one-to-one Peer Tutoring can I access?

  • 4 hours per week for Course Peer Tutoring


How far in advance can I book an appointment?

  • 2 - 7 days in advance


Where do I meet my peer tutor?

  • Online Appointments: Log on to your WC Online account and click on the appointment for online appointments. A pop-up window will appear. Click on the text that says, "START OR JOIN ONLINE CONSULTATION."
  • In-person Appointments: meet your tutor in the designated room:
    • Fennell Campus: Room C122
    • IAHS: Room 144
    • Stoney Creek: Library 
    • Airport Campus: Room 303
  • Be sure to confirm whether your appointment is online or in person when booking your appointment. 
  • If you have any issues, please email LSC [at] or call 905-575-1212 ext. 3279, and we will try our best to help you as soon as possible. With any technical issues, please have patience, as they are often out of our control.  We also have video resources to help you book, cancel and join an appointment.