Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring services are now ONLINE for the remainder of Winter 2020.  

Our team is here to support you!  Please email us at lsc [at] with any questions.

mohawk peer tutors


    Winter 2020 Tutoring Services available January 20-April 9, 2020


Peer Tutoring offers FREE one-on-one help with your course content, from senior students in your program!

Peer Tutors provide support primarily with first year subjects for students in 2-3 year diploma programs.

You can access up to three hours of peer tutoring per week (subject to availability).

Appointment times are subject to tutor availability.

For assistance, visit the Learning Support Centre (C122 at Fennell Campus) or call 905-575-1212 ext 3279 or email lsc [at] 

Who will be my peer tutor?

Your tutor will be another student who has already taken the course and excelled in it. Peer tutors have been recommended by faculty and have been trained in tutoring techniques. They know the challenges in your course and want to help you to succeed!

How can a peer tutor help me?

  • Clarify course content
  • Clarify assignment questions
  • Navigate eLearn and helpful resources
  • Prepare for presentations
  • Prepare for tests and exams
  • Provide study tips and strategies
  • Set up your calculator and provide tips


Peer tutors will not do your homework, assignments, or eLearn quizzes for you. Tutoring is not a replacement for going to class.

Where do I meet my tutor?

Fennell Campus
Learning Support Centre
Room C122

McMaster Campus
Room 144

Stoney Creek Campus
The Gathering Place
Room C118

What can I expect at a tutoring session?

Your peer tutor will help you with the course that you booked the appointment for. The tutor is there to help you, so the appointment will focus on what you want to work on.

The peer tutor can answer your questions, guide you through confusing topics, and challenge you to practice questions to prepare for tests and exams. Peer tutors also listen to your concerns and help you develop stronger study methods to help you to succeed in your course.

Tutoring appointments are 50 minutes (for 1 hour appointments) and 110 minutes (for 2 hour appointments). This allows tutors to complete administrative tasks and allows tutors to get to class on time. 

Is there anything I need to do before my appointment?

Yes! Time goes by fast, so coming prepared is beneficial. Prior to your appointment, review areas that you are having difficulty. To start, review your course outline, homework, or class notes.

Remember that tutors will be helping you with the course that you booked appointment for, they will not be providing support for multiple courses.

When you come for your appointment:

  • Arrive on time (tutors will only wait 15 minutes)
  • Bring your course materials, course outline, class notes, textbook or practice materials
  • Be prepared with questions that you want to ask your tutor
  • Be open to discussing what is most difficult about the course

Do not skip class to come to tutoring. Make sure you attend class regularly, complete the required readings, and work through your homework. You tutor will help you through your course content but cannot re-teach the material for you.

Peer Tutors provide a lot of support! But they cannot...

  • Complete eLearn quizzes with you
  • Have lesson plans prepared for you
  • Do your homework for you
  • Have access to your eLearn

Remember, tutors are students too. They are not there to teach you content as your teacher is the expert in the field. Tutors may not have all the answers to your questions; therefore, some questions will need to be directed to your teacher.

Ensure that you bring all the materials you need to have a productive session.

I cannot find a peer tutor for my program

Our peer tutors are upper semester students; therefore, we primarily provide support for 2-3 diploma programs. If you are in a certificate program, you may be able to find a private tutor on the External Tutor Database. 

The External Tutor Database houses a list of private tutors in the community who offer tutoring services for a fee.

These private tutors are not affiliated with the Mohawk College Peer Tutor Program.

Learn more about our External Tutor database.