Get Credit (PLAR)

Well what do you know? (Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition – PLAR)

We are all learning all the time. Mohawk College may be in the business of learning but we don’t have a monopoly on it and we recognize that through the workplace, home study or just life in general students can achieve college level skills and understanding in any number of areas.

So… get credit for what you know!

Through our Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (PLAR) service, students are encouraged to demonstrate any prior learning for which they may not have earned a diploma or degree and are offered the opportunity to earn credits towards programs at Mohawk College.

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Visit our PLAR pages to learn more about:

  • Assessment methods
  • Requirements
  • How to get started

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The granting of credits for prior learning does not guarantee entry into any program of studies. The normal admission procedure to gain entrance into any certificate or diploma program at Mohawk College should be followed. If you would like to challenge a course in your Program of Studies, contact the Academic Area to get more information about the challenge method, and if you are eligible for PLAR. PLAR may not used to make up for failed courses.