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Take credit for your previous learning! (And welcome to Mohawk College.)

If you’re new to Mohawk College we encourage you to explore our website and drop in for a visit to appreciate all the great programs, services and facilities we have to offer.

This section of the website contains important information for any student considering transferring to Mohawk from another College or University program.

Learn more about Applying for a course exemption.

You’re not expected to start over.

One of the first questions asked by most students looking at a transfer is “Will I receive credit for my previous studies from another school?”

In short, Mohawk’s answer is yes. It is our general policy that we are here to help students – to help you – move forward… not backward. Individual academic assessments will be made on prior relevant coursework to create a solution just for you. Our Credit transfer policies (opens PDF, 56kb) are flexible and aimed at making a transition as easy as possible.

As every student has a different background and different goals, our policies may not cover every situation. We encourage you to Contact Student Services for more information or help with the exemption process. Work experience and other relevant learning opportunities may be eligible for Prior Learning Assessment.

It’s our goal to help you achieve your goals. With that in mind, anything is possible!

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