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Credit transfers open doors, create options and offer flexibility.

In education we call them pathways. That’s just the word we use to describe the route a student takes to achieve his/her ultimate educational and career goals. From preparatory programs, to certificate, diploma, undergraduate and graduate degrees, here’s where we help you understand all your options.

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Our Education Network

Mohawk College has negotiated what we call credit transfer (or articulation) agreements with our partner institutions. These agreements make it possible to easily arrange credit transfer from specific Mohawk programs to degree programs at another institution, giving students maximum recognition for their Mohawk studies.

Follow this link for more information on Mohawk’s credit transfer agreements.

General Transfer Policy

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Many institutions now recognize credits achieved at college. Admission to degree programs and transfer credits will vary from institution to institution and are determined according to individual circumstances. Check directly with the institution you are transferring to for full details regarding their transfer policies.

Also, take advantage of the resources at ONTransfer (opens new window) to link to general transfer policies or find an advisor. ONTransfer (opens new window) is supported by all 44 publically funded universities and colleges in Ontario to remove barriers for students looking to transfer between institutions.

Planning to Transfer? You can find help here:

There are often changes and improvements made to our transfer agreements. To ensure you have the latest admission and application details you can:


Please remember: Our policies and agreements cover common transfer options but you can make a transfer request to any institution or program of your choice and credit transfer will be assessed according to the general transfer policy of the receiving institution. Students are encouraged to contact the institution directly for more information.

Mohawk College makes no warranty or endorsement of material contained within links to external websites, nor does the College assume any responsibility for the linked website or its contents.

Why Mohawk College? The benefits add up!

Mohawk Counsellors have pulled together information that they share on a daily basis as they help students plan their education.

Some advantages of a college education:

  • availability of highly specialized occupational programs,
  • access to industry connections and employers,
  • reasonable tuition compared to university,
  • the ability to live at home and commute,
  • most programs offer more than just a classroom experience, labs, co-op, placements and hands-on are important
  • opportunity to test a program and/or your readiness for a postsecondary educational experience,
  • transfer options to degree programs.

Today, there are more options than ever for Mohawk College graduates when preparing for either a career or degree studies. Whether you are currently a Mohawk College student; a graduate considering degree options; or, are thinking about becoming a Mohawk student, you have the opportunity to create your own education and career path.

Here are some points to consider in developing your personal educational plan, courtesy of Mohawk College Counselling Services:

  • Research your path. Find out more about the programs and institution that interest you. ONTransfer website (opens new window), read the information in their calendars and viewbooks, speak with individuals who have attended the programs you're interested in.
  • Get advice from Mohawk Counsellors or faculty on programs and courses relevant to your career choice.
  • Speak with employers or those working in your chosen field about any educational qualifications or desired training necessary for new staff and future advancement.
  • Visit the schools and attend their information sessions. Contact Student Recruitment, the Liaison Office or the program department at the receiving school to find out when their next information session is scheduled.
  • Note any application dates and deadlines.
  • Collect all information from the schools you are applying to and check their admission policies, procedures and other information.
  • Examine key points including cost, program delivery options (full-time, part-time, distance education), number of years required to complete the desired credential, distance from home, and the availability of a student success.
  • Find out what is required for admission in terms of academic standing or GPA (Grade Point Average) and whether you need to make arrangements to have any official or interim transcripts sent to the receiving institution.
  • Determine whether you are being accepted into a program, a faculty or the school. Will you have to apply for the program you want after you have been accepted by the receiving school?
  • Keep your Mohawk course outlines readily at hand when preparing to transfer.
  • Please note: You are not limited to the pathways listed in the Mohawk Transfer Opportunities Data Base or ONTransfer! You are welcome to apply to the university and program of your choice and credit transfer will be assessed according to the general transfer policy of the receiving school. Contact the university directly for more information.

Mohawk College's staff is pleased to assist you with your educational planning. If you are a current Mohawk College student, please arrange an appointment by dropping in to the Counselling Services Office at any one of our campus locations or by calling 905-575-2211.

For even more information, you can visit the About Transfer page at (opens new window)

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