On Campus

Security Alert Messenger


Mohawk's Security Alert Messenger (SAM) service is part of Mohawk College's commitment to maintaining a safe and secure environment for students and staff.

SAM's primary role is to warn you when there is a direct threat to your safety on the Fennell or Stoney Creek campuses, such as a lockdown, campus evacuation or closure due to inclement weather. Once activated by Mohawk College Security, SAM will send you a brief notification alerting you to the type of emergency taking place and advising you on what actions you should take next. The service will also be used to inform you when campuses are closed due to severe weather.

As an additional service, SAM can notify you of Service Disruptions on campus, including:

  • elevator disruptions
  • inaccessible pathways or ramps
  • service disruptions due to construction

To receive these notifications, users must also register separately for Service Disruption Notifications. View and Sign up for Service Disruption Notifications.