Accessible Information and Communication Resources

The resources listed in this section have been made publicly available by organizations in an effort to help remove barriers to information and communication for people with disabilities and is provided solely to inform college staff about accessible communication resources available in the market place; it should be interpreted as an endorsement of the organizations listed.

AccessForward: Training

This website, AccessForward: Training (opens new window) offers free resources to help your organization meet the training requirements under Section 7 of the IASR.

Accessible Information and Communication: A Guide for Small Business

This guide, published by the Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments, can help you take stock of the accessibility and usability of your existing information and communication systems, and provide you with the information and resources you need to enhance access to your services. It explains your obligations under the AODA to provide suitable access to your organization's information and communication systems. For more information, visit the Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies & Environments (opens new window) website.

The following links provide additional resources for creating accessible documents, for widely used office applications.

This site can help you create accessible office documents and choose accessible office applications for your organization. The guidance is based primarily on WCAG 2.0.

Visit the Accessible Digital Office Document Project (ADOD) (opens new window) website.

Clear Print Guide

Readability shouldn't be an afterthought when producing materials. This guide, published by the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, can make your information accessible to everyone from the outset. View the Clear Print Guide PDF

Standards and Techniques for Creating Accessible Documents

Accessible Digital Office Document (ADOD) Project

The Inclusive Design Research Centre at the Ontario College of Art and Design University, in partnership with UNESCO and the Government of Ontario, has developed publicly reviewed guidelines to help ensure the accessibility of office documents and the office applications with which they are created. Visit the Accessible Digital Office Document Project (ADOD) (opens new window) website.

Reference Books

Accessible Document Design Using Word 2010: An Overview
Karen McCall. ISBN 978-0-9868085-1-7. Resources may be purchased from Canadian Assistive Technology (opens new window) or Karlen Communications (opens new window).

Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age: Universal Design for Learning
David H. Rose & Anne Meyer with Nicole Strangman and Gabrielle Rappolt. ISBN-10: 0871205998

Universal Design for Learning
Council for Exceptional Children. ISBN-10: 0131701606
Pearson: Universal Design for Learning by the Council for Exceptional Children (opens new window)

Working in Canada (opens new window) website provides job seekers, workers and those who are new to the Canadian labour market with the information required to make informed decisions about where to live and work. The site can assist individuals who are searching for work or looking to make career decisions.