AODA Committees

In recognition of Mohawk's commitment to accessibility and to ensure the thoughts and opinions of our community are heard as we plan for an increasingly accessible and inclusive environment, both physical and learning, a new AODA Steering Committee has been established to be guided by the Accessibility Advisory Committee.

AODA Steering Committee

The AODA Steering Committee is comprised of senior administrators, who will support and move forward the recommendations of the Accessibility Advisory Committee, approve plans, reports, projects and the budget of the committee. The Steering Committee monitors the risks, quality and timeliness of Advisory Group activities and establishes benchmarks.

Maxine Carter Director and Special Advisor, Equity and Inclusion maxine.carter2 [at]
Megan Mascarin Chief Human Resources Officer megan.mascarin [at]

Accessibility Advisory Committee

The Accessibility Advisory Committee is a voluntary advisory body established to provide input to the Accessibility Project Manager / AODA Steering Committee. The committee is comprised of representatives from the community and a variety of College departments and strives to represent a cross-section of our campuses. The Committee includes students, alumni, staff, faculty, community representatives and members of the disability community.

AODA Advisory Sub-Committees

Sub-Committees carry out specific activities focused on initiatives as identified by the Advisory Group and partners within the College. To date these include the following:

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Sub-Committee

Built Environment Sub-Committee

Tim Gill Manager of Engineering Services & Projects, Engineering Services tim.gill [at]