In the Classroom and Workplace

In the Classroom

Accommodation in the Classroom

Accessible Learning Services
Mohawk College's Accessible Learning Services (ALS) works in collaboration with students, faculty and support staff to create a barrier-free learning environment. Together, ALS identifies and implements accommodations and strategies to ensure that all students can have an equal opportunity to achieve their educational goals. Services are available to students with disabilities at all campuses.

Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities Policy (opens PDF, 3.4mb)
This policy establishes guidelines for the academic accommodation of students with disabilities in order for them to access learning while maintaining the integrity of course content and objectives, and ensuring fairness for all students.

Mohawk College Test/Exam Booking
This form is to be used to book tests and exams for students requiring accommodations for a disability. You MUST have an up-to-date Confidential Academic Accommodation Plan (CAAP) before booking.

Emergency Evacuation Procedure
Please review the emergency evacuation procedures and the emergency lockdown procedures, specific to persons with disabilities.

Support Services in the Classroom

Visit the Student Life website for a full list of services to support students at Mohawk College.

In the Workplace

We believe every student attending our school deserves the opportunity to enter the next phase of their life with confidence, excitement and optimism.

One of our strategic priorities is to ensure a high performing, effective workforce and quality work environment. We support our faculty and staff to provide the education and services our students deserve.

Accommodation in the Workplace

While our goal is to provide an accessible and inclusive workplace by eliminating barriers in all our employment policies, procedures, and practices, individual accommodations may be required in order for employment goals to be fully realized.

Whether you require an accommodation as a new employee with a disability, an employee with a newly acquired or temporary disability, or are returning to work following illness or injury, we want to ensure you have the support that you need.

Find out more about Mohawk's accommodation policy and program.

Employment Equity

Mohawk College is committed to principles of equity and diversity in the workplace. Employment equity is a principle at the core of Mohawk's overall mandate as a community leader and an institution of higher learning. The College is committed to promoting employment equity, ensuring equal opportunity and equitable representation in employment.

To achieve our employment equity goals we must acknowledge and eliminate direct, indirect and systemic discrimination in our employment policies, procedures and practices. This is consistent with the goals and approach to making the College accessible for persons with disabilities. The two initiatives go hand in hand towards making our workplace inclusive. Find out more about Mohawk's employment equity policy and program.

AODA eLearning

All employees of Mohawk College, including full and part-time faculty, support staff, administrators and contractors, and those who interact on Mohawk's behalf, are required by law to complete accessibility training. Read more about AODA eLearning at Mohawk College.

Support Services in the Workplace

Centre for Teaching and Learning
The Centre for Teaching and Learning contributes, develops and delivers expertise, resources and education to engage the college community in initiatives that enhance the quality of the learning experience.

The Mohawk College Library is committed to providing equal access to services and collections to all students, faculty and staff of the College. Where use of library facilities and/or services are inaccessible, the Library will accommodate users with disabilities to examine sources, retrieve materials, and access services.

Occupational Health & Safety
Mohawk College is committed to the provision of a safe and secure learning and working environment for all students, staff and visitors. The Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Department provides a wide range of professional and technical services to achieve this by promoting and supporting health and safety activities to all levels of the college to help supervisors and employees fulfill their obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations.

Student Success at Mohawk
Student success depends on many things. To succeed, students need excellent academic programs and dedicated faculty, superior student-focused services, and places, spaces and technology that support learning. But there are also four key factors — or drivers— that determine whether or not a student will succeed, and we need strategies that address these key drivers directly. Staff can access the Student Success Guide via MyMohawk.