College Student Success Innovation Centre

In 2012, we committed our institution to student success with the development and publication of our Student Success Plan. Since that time, we have increased graduation rates from 60% to 65%, implemented a student lifecycle advising model, and obtained over $1,000,000 in research funding to lead and/or participate in projects related to predictive modeling, advising interventions, goal setting, learning outcomes assessment, and data sharing projects to understand graduate employment outcomes.

Student success is a pillar in our 2016-2021 Strategic Plan and 2017-2020 Strategic Mandate Agreement with the Province. We also recently created a new Policy Framework for Student Success to further embed student success into the culture at Mohawk. This expertise forms the foundation of the new College Student Success Innovation Centre at Mohawk College – the very first research centre uniquely focused on community college student success located on a college campus in Canada.


To lead the province in the design, implementation, assessment, and evaluation of innovative interventions throughout the student lifecycle that improve student success.


To foster a community of student success innovation across the province through:

  • Innovation through continuous research and refinement of interventions that improve student outcomes;
  • Capacity building through an annual Call for Partners for other colleges across the province to replicate studies with the support of up to $30,000 in matched funding, mentorship, project coordination, and data analytics support; and
  • Knowledge sharing across the province through an annual Symposium and continuous publication of results and toolkits.


The province’s three-year, $650,000 investment will leverage Mohawk’s expertise, current research funding, strong partnerships, and lessons learned to foster new projects that build upon Mohawk’s current work.


After three years, the work of this Centre will foster a more collaborative, supportive college system that is uniquely focused on, and informed by, rigorous evidence about what works in improving student retention and graduation. It will provide the province and our college partners with a new understanding of what and how to fund student success interventions. Lessons will be learned about the needs of the diverse student body in Ontario, and how to improve the outcomes of at-risk and under-represented student groups.

This initial work of the Centre will be the catalyst for Mohawk to continue advance this work and sustain this Centre. The Centre staff will continue to provide consultation services to colleges across the system, forge new partnerships, create and test new interventions, and secure additional research funding to ensure the sustainability of the Centre for years to come.