Valeria’s 5 study tips

Valeria in Mohawk College Sweater

Each person is unique and begins their college journey with challenges they need to overcome to achieve success. These challenges range from needing to develop time management skills, establishing new social connections, to overcoming homesickness or even getting support for disabilities. Valeria, a current International Business Management Graduate Certificate student in her last semester, knew that college would present challenges for her since English is not her primary language. 

Coming to Canada from Mexico, Valeria was nervous to study in another language. “I was worried about the new vocabulary and how that would impact my studies” she says. 

Naturally business minded and determined to be successful, Valeria strategized how to achieve her goals in a way that worked for her. She is happy to share these strategies to help other new students.  

Here are Valeria’s 5 study tips: 

  1. Drink water while you study  
    It seems simple but staying hydrated helps you feel your best and can help you focus. 
  2. Minimize distractions 
    A clean desk goes a long way. Moving your phone to a different room can also help. 
  3. Create a schedule 
    No one can study 24/7! Try to dedicate time each day to schoolwork. It will help you focus and you’ll be able to enjoy your time outside of your studies more. 
  4. Create to-do lists 
    At the beginning of the semester, look through your course outlines and note major projects. You can use an app to sort your deadlines and even create workback schedules for yourself. 
  5. Ask for support  
    There is a lot of support available that students are not aware of, like Accessible Learning Services and the Learning Support Centre. Use every support available to you! 

Most importantly, Valeria encourages students to enjoy their program. “Studying is easier when you are passionate about the subject. In my program, I enjoy the fact that I can learn about business through real-life industry case studies. In addition, the professors motivate me to learn more about what business is all about.” says Valeria. 

And thanks to her study habits, Valeria has overcome a lot of the challenges she initially experienced. She met new people and made friends from accessing support services and joining groups. She improved her vocabulary, and is more confident today. She says, “I started leveraging my vocabulary and also I was able to confidently express my ideas when professors asked me to speak in class.” 

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