Information for Students

The Campus Student Employment Program (CSEP) aims to connect students with meaningful real work experience.

This website will provide important information on the CSEP application process, program eligibility, and resources to support resume and interview preparation.

The Spring 2023 Campus Student Employment Program (CSEP) application period is now closed.  Thanks to everyone who applied. 

Applications for the Campus Student Employment Program (CSEP) are made through CareerReady, a one-stop career portal for students and alumni. Current registered students will log into the CareerReady dashboard, upload their resume and apply for CSEP positions from across the institution. Watch the website for updates soon on the spring delivery of the program. 



To be eligible for a CSEP-funded position, a student must meet the following criteria:

  • Registered in a full-time post-secondary program or in a continuing education diploma or certificate program 
  • Domestic or International student
  • Complete the Financial Assistance Profile and demonstrate financial need (Mandatory)
  • Be in good academic standing
  • Have a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN), and
  • Have a valid work permit (International only)


CSEP Application Process

Students apply for Campus Student Employment Program (CSEP) through CareerReady. Current registered students will log into the CareerReady dashboard, upload their resume and apply for CSEP positions from across the institution.

Step 1 - Review and Update Resume

Step 2 - Upload Resume in Career Ready

  • Log into CareerReady
  • Navigate to the CSEP Dashboard
  • Use the CSEP Resource under Quicklinks for step-by-step instructions

Step 3 - Review Positions

  • Review the position listing and identify preferred positions 

Step 4 - Apply! 

  • Select the Position
  • Complete the Pre-Application Question (up to 250 words)
  • Attach Resume

Note: A Pre-Application question and resume must be uploaded for each position of interest within CareerReady.  

Step 5 - Financial Assistance Profile

Use the menu box in the top left corner to navigate between screens in CareerReady, and view step-by-step instructions under Quicklinks menu - look for the CSEP Resources.


What positions are available?

When positions open for the next intake, a summary of all positions will be available on the CSEP Position Listing website (available once positions are posted).  More details about the individual positions can be found by logging into CareerReady and navigating to the Job Postings on the CSEP Dashboard. 


How do I access CareerReady? 

Visit the CareerReady Portal Log In website, and follow the on-screen prompts to log in. 


How do I apply for positions in CareerReady? 

Once logged in to CareerReady, navigate to the Quicklinks section and select Campus Student Employment Program. A PDF with step-by-step instructions is available to support students through the application process. 


I can't log into CareerReady, who can help? 

All registered students can access CareerReady. Follow the on-screen prompts to troubleshoot any log-in challenges.

  • If you have not selected your timetable, you will not be able to access CareerReady until approximately 24 hours after you have selected your timetable. 
  • If you have recently selected your timetable, you won't be able to access CareerReady for approximately 24 hours after timetable selection. Please check back. 

Students experiencing challenges can contact the CSEP team at csepjobs [at]


Do I need to complete a Pre-Application question? 

Yes, all applicants need to provide a response to the pre-application questions on why they are a good fit for this role. This response can be up to 250 words. 


What documents do I need to submit with my application? 

Within CareerReady need to upload their current Resume or Circumluma Vitae (CV). When uploading the resume, make sure the document is saved as one file in .doc, .docx, or PDF format. Documents should contain limited graphics for best results. 


Can students have more than one contract? 

No, students cannot have more than one contract per semester.


Do I have to apply for the Financial Assistance Profile (FNAP) to be eligible for CSEP?

Yes, CSEP positions are intended to support students who demonstrate financial need and all applicants must complete a Financial Assistance Profile.


How does CSEP affect my OSAP?

Students must report all other taxable and non-taxable income sources expected during the study period (e.g. employment income).


Are Better Jobs Ontario (or Second Careers) students eligible for CSEP? 



Are Part-Time Students Eligible for CSEP? If I am a full-time student and drop below 60% course load, am I still eligible for CSEP?

No, part-time students are not eligible.  Students must maintain a 60% course load or more to remain eligible for CSEP. 


I was not the successful candidate for a CSEP position this semester, where else can I find a part-time job?

The Student/Graduate Employment and Community Employment Services support finding other part-time employment opportunities, whether on or off campus. 

For resources to help in searching for a job, such as resume and interview support, please connect with the Student and Graduate Employment team.