Additional Time for Quizzes/Tests/Exams

Including additional time on quizzes/tests/exams allows all learners to read questions more carefully, evaluate their answers thoroughly, complete the assessment with less anxiety related to time, and can provide a better reflection of their content knowledge. Wherever possible, applying UDL guidelines to course quizzes/tests/exams can provide a supportive evaluation environment for all students.

Additional time for testing is one of the most common disability related accommodations at Mohawk College, as it supports a wide-range of disability types and needs. While students registered with Accessible Learning Services may continue to book tests in the Testing Centre for other disability related testing accommodations, proactively including additional time to quizzes/tests/exams can reduce time and effort of arranging additional time accommodations for both educators and students. 

Sometimes the content being assessed must be done so in a specific amount of time (for example because of a clearly defined and articulated industry standard or demonstrating knowledge within a specified time is an explicit learning outcome of a course). However, when this is not the case or when a specific disability related accommodation is required, educators may wish to proactively extend quiz/test/exam times to ensure all students have the time they need to fully show what they know without the additional barrier of limited time. Proactively including additional time does not have to mean for all quizzes, tests, and exams. Faculty can determine which of these assessments would be best suited to including additional time as a UDL element. 

As the most common additional time accommodations are typically 50% to 100%. To ensure as many students are supported as possible, and to limit additional effort, the recommendation is to add 100% additional time to quizzes/tests/exams when possible. Ideally, when suitable, unlimited time can be offered. Once the appropriate additional time has been determined, it is essential that learners be informed that that additional time has already been added to their quizzes/tests/exams. The Implementation section below offers a statement educators can modify and include anywhere quiz/test/exam information is included in a course.


To implement: 

  1. Determine where additional time can be proactively added to the quizzes, tests, and/or exams in the course.
  2. Determine the appropriate length of additional time for the assessment(s).
  3. Add the additional time, or unlimited time where appropriate, to the quiz/test/exam.  
  4. Modify the statement below and include the statement anywhere quiz/test/exam information is shared with learners (for example, on the course learning plan, the online course overview page, test instructions, etc.). 

Additional Time for Online Course Quizzes/Tests/Exams

The quizzes/tests/exams in this course have been designed using Universal Design for Learning guidelines and (give the percentage) additional time has already been added to each quiz/test/exam in support of all students.