Additional Time for eLearn Quizzes

Additional time for testing is one of the widest used disability-related accommodations at Mohawk College, as it supports a wide-range of disability types and needs. Faculty can provide additional time, for individual students and quizzes, through eLearn. While using eLearn for quizzes, adding the additional time when required, often eliminating the need for students with disabilities to arrange testing accommodations for quizzes. However, adding time individually does take additional time and effort for both faculty and students. 

Applying UDL guidelines to eLearn quizzes can provide a supportive evaluation environment for all students, as well as save time and effort for faculty and students. Instead of individually adding time to each quiz, faculty can add additional time to all eLearn quizzes for all learners in a course and provide a statement to indicate that this has been done. 

The most common additional time accommodation is typically 50% to 100%. To ensure as many students are supported as possible, and to limit additional effort, the recommendation would be to add 100% additional time to all eLearn quizzes. Ideally, when suitable, unlimited time can be offered. 


To implement: 

  1. Determine the appropriate length of time for the quiz.
  2. Add 100% additional time, or unlimited time, to each quiz in eLearn. 
  3. Provide the following statement anywhere quiz information has been provided (for example, on the course learning plan, eLearn course overview page, etc.).

Additional Time for eLearn Quizzes

The quizzes in this course have been designed using universal design for learning guidelines and (give the percentage) additional time has already been added to each quiz.

Please note, the statement above can be modified if unlimited time is offered.