Additional Text-to-Speech Tool

ReadSpeaker provides the “Listen” function for the HTML content in eLearn, while Doc Reader gives learners the option to listen to external course content such as PDFs and Word documents. However, courses may have resources that are not accessible through these software tools, or faculty may wish to provide an additional way to access course content. It is important to note that OntarioLearn does not have ReadSpeaker, and the addition of a text-to-speech tool provides a much needed accessibility resource for these students.    


Copy and paste the statement and link below to provide access to a free, external text-to-speech tool:

Listening to Course Content

Interested in being able to listen to course content outside of eLearn? Download a free text-to-speech tool at

For OntarioLearn courses, there is a link to an external text-to-speech tool that students can download for free, on the OntarioLearn course master.

link to tool in an OntarioLearn course