Course Navigation Instructions

Providing learners with explicit information at the start of a course is an ideal way to set course expectations, help students quickly find key information, and offer directions regarding how to proceed through the course.   


The following outline suggests headings and content ideas that may guide the development of course navigation instructions.

Course Introduction

This section could include:

  • An overview of the course and assessment methods
  • Course expectations
  • A link to the course outline
  • A link to the learning plan
  • A UDL statement that includes all of the UDL elements used in the course (for a sample UDL statement, please reference the UDL Implementation landing page)
  • Any information regarding Accessible Learning Services and obtaining disability related accommodations in the course.

Faculty Introduction

This section could include:

  • A welcome message, which may be accompanied with a faculty photo or delivered via video
  • Faculty contact information, contact preferences, and/or office hours

Accessing Content

This section could include explanations of:

  • How the course is laid out (for example by week, by module, or by topic)
  • Other sections included (for example Assessments, Additional Resources, etc.)
  • What order the content should be accessed (for example first, second, third, etc.)

The information above is meant to provide options to develop course navigation instructions and can be altered to meet the specific needs of a course.